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Dan Siegel - The Opportunity to Build the Circuits of Kindness and Resilience

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yea, I - - - The Opportunity to Build the Circuits of Kindness and Resilience The Opportunity to Build the Circuits of Kindness and Resilience Are you talking about me as a parent shaping my child's brain for ever and ever. That's scary. DS: Yes. (laughter) Lets make it in less scary format. M: Okay, lets do it! Hm, the brain is constantly changing throughout the lifespan, There's always room to grow new circuits as you get older. But a parent has this wonderful opportunity as the first teacher - as all teachers can do this -, but when the circuits of kindness and resiliance are first growing is in the first 3 or 4 years of life, and so my intimate connection with you on a daily basis, you come home from school, before you go to school, you're at home as a baby, all these ways, that our communication is literally gonna shape the circuits of regulation and allow kindness and resiliance to develop based on what I do. Now, it sounds not like a pressure, it's more like an opportunity. Parents give birth to kids as a privilage. That we can share their lives with them, but we can shape the way their brain is growing. M: And I think where you said in there that makes me left anxious. DS: Thank God! (laughter) I was really nervous. Is that you don't forget a PhD., in shaping a child's brain, you're talking about everyday things that we do with just slightly different way of looking at our children and our childrens behaviour. And that's what we're gonna get through within the bulk of or time of talking as examples of that. That's really what you're talking about. DS: Yeah, and Tina and Bryson tried to say is that, you know, the moments that are sometimes the most challenging as a parent, when we feel overwhelmed and burden and confused are actually the very moments, that we see as opportunity! To do something that we haven't mentioned but we can get into it, called INTEGRATION, you kow, ans so through the work I've done in the last 21 years, is to try to define what the mind is and believe or not, in the field of psichology and in the field of attachement, in the field of psichiatry, in the field of mental health, and education, in the field of philosophy even, there's no definition of the MIND!

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Short talk at the Dalai Lama Center

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