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Meltdown 2010

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This episode of 'It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine,' was made possible by contributions from slaves like you. Spank you very much. "The founding father became very concerned about future rebellions. When they got together in Philadelphia in 1787 to frame the constitution of the United States, they wanted a government strong enough to put down rebellion. So the constitution was adopted, as you might say, a law and order document to maintain stability." ♫ It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine ♫ Goooood morning slaves and welcome to another sedition of 'It's the end of the world as we know it and If feel fine.' Where we'll stop the world and melt with you. I am your host the stimulator and as it happens every winter, dumb motherfuckin global warming deniers get out their megaphones and yell: "Look, see how fucking cold it is, global warming is a sham!" And every year I have to remind them that it's fuckin cold, because it's fuckin winter. But I digress. The World Meteorological Organization said that 2009 is likely to be the 5th warmest year since record dating began. If you think that's bad news, 2009 was the second warmest year in Australia, where droughts and wild fires are a yearly reality for our friends down under. "Our economic interests and our environment interests are tied to us taking real action on Climate Change." "This government is committed to doing it, but the opposition leader doesn't seem to think it exists..." That was Australian Environment Minister Peter Garret. You might remeber Garret from his band midnight oil, who may have inadvertently propheticized the future of his country with the song "Beds Are Burning." ♫ How do we sleep while our beds are burning? ♫ "Crews on Cypress Mountain are taking full advantage of some recent snowfall." "They're scrambling to prepare for Olympic competition, but the weather forecast continues to work against them." Yep, Man Made Climate Change might be putting a damper on the Five Cockrings of Death. Cypress Mountain, the site for the Olympic snow boarding and free style skiing competitions, is as bare as Janet Jackson's right boobie at the super bowl. Bales of hay are being delivered by chopper to build up jumps and obstacles at a cost of over a thousand bucks an hour. But with a budget of 6 billion dollars, the same amount as Haiti's gross domestic product, the greedy motherfuckers from the IOC should be able to make snow in the Sahara. Or take they could just fuckin take the competition to Dubai. The over the top middle eastern city is home to a ginormous indoor skiing slope in the middle of the desert. But while the rich rock out with their cocks out, there's a a virtual slave class that built this grotesque expression of unbridled capitalism. Yep my fellow slaves, our priorities as a race are totally fucked, on the one hand you have people skiiing in the desert and on the other... "So...?" Wait, is that Apple CEO Steve Jobs? Hey Jobs can you show me the new iPad? "Let me show it to you now..." "This is what it looks like." 'Must....Have...One...' 'O...B...A...M...A...' "Snatch back your brain zombie!" "Snatch it back and hold it!" Damn T- thanks again for saving my ass. As I was saying our priorities are fucked. Apple expects to sell 10 million iPads this year at 500 bucks a pop. Again, that translates to roughly Haiti's gross domestic product. Meanwhile the man your mama calls Obama has been taking a more populist approach and unleashing a more, well, fighting spirit. "Fighting!" "...Fighting!" "Fighting! Fighting!" Fighting!" "Fighting..." "Fights!" "Fight! Fight!" ♫ They fight, and fight, and fight and fight and fight ♫ ♫ Fight, fight, fight!♫ Well fronting about fighting and actually fighting are two different things. It's like calling a bull by its name and then eating a chicken. You can't marinate the truth. For instance, on his second day in the Oral Orifice, the man your mama calls Obama said this. "Guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now..." But we all know that club Gitmo is still open for business and it does not look like it'll be shut down any time soon. Just like bringing back the troops home, and giving us real solutions to the problem of Man Made Climate Change, Obama has reneged on his campaign promises time and time again. The only change I see is the 37 cents in my pocket. But if you still hope you can change the system by voting, maybe the recent supreme court decision will change your mind. In a 5 to 4 vote, this geriatric group of robed weirdos handed corporate America the keys to the kingdom by giving them the right to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns. I hope you are read for the Exxon Elections in 2012. Maybe the Mayans were right after all.. In sad fuckin news, radical historian Howard Zinn kicked the bucket after a rich lifetime of giving them hell. Zinn was best known as the author of the book, 'A People's History of the United States.' That book was key in radicalizing my youthful mind and its a must for anyone seeking to look at the past through the eyes of the brave folks at the bottom who sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom and equality. Here's Howard Zinn at his best: "Our only hope for real change lies in the possibility that all of us who are slightly privileged, and slightly uneasy, begin to see that we are like the guards in the prison uprising in Attica-" "Expendable." "That the establishment, whatever awards it gives us, will also- if necessary to maintain control- kill us." "If the guards stop obeying- if you stop obeying- the system falls." "If we understand that, and act on it, not only will life be more satisfying today, but our grandchildren- our great grandchildren, may see a different and marvelous world." ♫ I've seen a lot of rip offs in my life, The rip offs of the old and of the young, ♫ ♫ The weak, the sick, the never known. Stabbed repeatedly in the back. ♫ ♫ By the Wall Street suit, the Washington hack. Lining up their pockets with the people's cash. ♫ ♫ And laughing all the way to the bank. ♫ ♫ Do you want to live your life a slave? In chains from the cradle to the grave. ♫ ♫ The economy is suffering- let it die! ♫ ♫ Do you want to live your life a slave? In chains from the cradle to the grave. ♫ ♫ The economy is suffering- let it die! Yeah! ♫ 'Antiflag- The Economy is Suffering... Let It Die.' Right about now The Motherfuckin Resistance is gearing up to disrupt the Five Cockrings of Death in Vancouver. As a pre-lube to this festival of mischieviousness, the Olympic Resistance Network invited radical sports writer Dave Zirin. As a long time fan of Howard Zinn, Zirin aptly named his book about politics and sports, 'A People's History of Sports in the United States.' Hey Dave how the fuck are you? "Check one two, Dave Zirin... BOOM!" Dude, can I have some of what you are drinking? Let me try this again, Dave Zirin, how the fuck are you? "Kickin ass, taking names. Doing very well, thank you." So what the fuck is your beef with the O limp dicks? "My beef with the Olympics is that everywhere they go you see the same three things:" "You see police repression, budget busting grafts, and hardcore gentrification and displacement." "And that's true no matter where the Olympics go." "Most people know about how this went down in Beijing, but it's not a China issue- it's not a Beijing issue." "It's an Olympics issue. It's wherever they go they make these demands of a given community, and I don't think any community should have to deal with that to host a sporting event." I heard that you think that the anti-olympic protests in Vancouver are going to be historic, just what the fuck do you mean? "It's absolutely historic because every time there has been an Olympics, there has been resistance to that Olympics among the people of a given community." "Sometimes huge, sometimes small, sometimes with utterly tragic results, like in 1968 in Mexico city. But there has never a convergence, particularly since 1999- on the sort of Seattle model- of saying "let's put the word out and have everybody come here" to protest injustice in the broadest sense, and bring together different social movements- in the way that the Olympics brings together those movements from the opposite sides." "The Olympics can produce unity of resistance because the Olympics takes on so man different issues in and of itself." "And so that's what makes it historic. Post Seattle there's been 8 Olympic games, and [convergence has] never happened before." So should people come and protest the Five Cockrings of Death in Vancouver this February? "Absolutely. People should come to the convergence if they have any way shape or form to come here." "If people are worried about issues like crossing the border, I'm talking to people in the United States right now, or if people are worried about police repression, I want people to keep in mind that Vancouver is also going to be a tourist hub during the games." "And so there's also gong to be a counter pressure on the police in terms of cracking down. There's going to be a counter pressure on the border to not keep people out because they need people to come to the games for them to be a success." "So people should come without fear, particularly if their immigration status is solid, whether in the United States or Canada, obviously people who have immigration issues always have to be careful at these convergences, but I think anybody who has the means, and the will should take the time to come here. Absolutely." Thanks Dave. And that about it does it for this sedition of 'its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.' The following slaves dug deep into their pockets and fed my broke ass some beans: Sara Audrey Aaron Stephen Amy Chase Philip Jim Rodney Tyler Caelie Michelle Peter John Sabrina The One and Only Nigel Benjamen Dan Noah Harrison Joshua Karim Christopher Dylan AMBER and the ipod guy. Dormaskblee. To comment on this show or for links to the motherfuckin O limp dick resistance just visit my fuckin website '' If you are coming to Vancouver, don't forget your rain gear... Remember kids, you can pod cast high quality video of this show at: SUBMEDIA.TV

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Posted by: stimulator on Jan 31, 2010

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