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Have you ever walked into a space, and suddenly said to yourself, "I know this space. I have been here before." Or find somebody that you meet, that, in this lifetime, you have never seen before? And yet there is a certain familiarity, there is a certain harmony or disharmony with that person that is very real. What does it mean to most of us? Most of us, it is, you know an accident. Something that happens. But for those of us that are interested in our own processes of karma or reincarnation, actually these are people, entities, that we have met; maybe in a different form, in lifetimes before. And the way that we can process this information, is if we take things that we are afraid of, things that are, the things that haunt us at night and we look at them, chances are they have something to do with what we have done, or what was done to us in a past lifetime. Sort of like the story of a man who divorces a woman with two kids, then he goes a marries a woman with two kids, and divorces that woman and, you know, they look the same. They are all medium-sized blonds, with blue eyes. They find the same pattern. And if you look at your own lives, often times you will find that there are patterns in your life. Patterns that signify, that can bring you to understanding that this is a train that we are being put on to see how we are going to make it different this lifetime. How are we going to take and apply our spiritual knowledge to say: "This time I am going through with this relationship." Or, "This time I am not going to fail on whatever this issue is". Or, "If I do fail, I am going to take it differently, I am going to have a different acceptance". Because all of that applies to our way of understanding why we were put here in the first place. Some of us have a huge job, in that we are new souls and we have come here for the first time, and everything is new. For the new souls that are around, these are the people that are basically not interested in spirituality. They are just, they are so happy to be finding all the things in life. You know, all the goodies, all the parties, all the friendships. They are not interested, they say, "Oh, spirituality is. . .". these are very new souls. And they learn by the experiences that life will teach them. Some of them grow and evaluate within this lifetime, and others have to wait. The other souls, most of us that are here, are souls that have been here, at least, a couple of times before. That is why you are studying spirituality. Because you have come to some stage in your spiritual growth, that you understand that life could not exist just with its five senses. And when you start where the first thing is the acknowledgment of the question, once you acknowledge the question, then you can go into the depths and take the puzzle that is around you, and start putting the pieces together. But the primary thing is the acknowledgement that I am not the only entity in my life. That there are peoples around me, that there are things around me, that have been a part of me, and now I must seek and find the reason and the purpose by which I need to treat those individuals, that are part of my development. And I am hoping, that through the process of these lectures, you will come to a different understanding as to why you were put here. And why every soul that you have met in your lifetime. You know it says that we affect thousands of people. One person, affects thousands of people in a lifetime. Think about it. Think of all the people that you bump into, that you journey with to work. Think of all the people that you have had contact with, even a "Hi." Are there not thousands? So you, through these classes can learn to enlighten, and to bring it to a different level of spiritual growth, those people that you can affect during this journey on earth.

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