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UKIP Paul Nuttal - Stamping the false state EU Flag on sporting teams

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For one minute, Mr Nuttall. Mr President, paragraph 100 of this report clearly states that you would like EU flag at sporting major events and on the jerseys of athletes. Are we now gonna see the EU flag at the British Olympics, or at the Champions League Final or even on the shirt of the England captain? This is nothing more than sheer EU propaganda and vanity. The EU has never been so unpopular, yet here you are, wanting to stamp your flag on sporting stars in the hope that you can force the people to love you. But they won't. What you propose also seems to break the rules of sporting competitions. For example, under Law 4, Decision 1 of the FIFA laws of the game, it states: ‘The team of a player whose basic compulsory equipment has political slogans or statements will be sanctioned by the competition organiser or FIFA.’ But hat right do you think the EU has to interfere in sport in such a way to encourage countries to break the rules? Because it's hypocritical, because the EU is in effect a political organisation. You even say in paragraph 20 of the report that political propaganda should be banned, which is hypocritical. Athletes proudly wear the flag of their own national countries. They should not wear the flag of the European Union. Thank you. I can see a green card. Mr Nuttall, are you going to answer the question? Please, you have the floor. But I don't think you've got far enough. Surely this is a disgrace and surely it raises a quandary for sports fans because, for example, in the World Cup, if the national flag and the EU flag are being displayed, then who are sports fans supporting – their country or the EU? And would you agree with me that they can't support the EU because it isn't a country? I would like to agree with my colleague. The EU isn't a country; the EU is a false state. And what you're trying to create is something very dangerous, because false states like the Soviet Union only ever break up in one of two ways. They break up in peaceful divorce, like Czechoslovakia – which I hope that this organisation breaks up into – or in bloody revolution, like Yugoslavia – which I fear very much indeed. Thank you. :: ::

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Posted by: mmister on Feb 7, 2012

UKIP Paul Nuttal MEP on the EU plans fro EU flags on sports team jerseys.

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