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Illuminati and Adolf Hitler 10

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ADOLF HITLER INTERVIEW 10 - I Worked with Illuminati Hi, this is Adolf again. OK, so, I stood at my point of power where I wanted to stand to have the people stand up, to have the people stand up to systems, to the demons. You know, to start taking their power, to start using their voices and start taking action. Of course, I wasn't able to stand there and say: "People, now it's time to stop the demons, to stop the systems," "to stand up there inside you of your Life Force and Live!" You know. So, I had to speak system language for a moment... to find a loop around it in terms of having to find a way to set these human beings free, this Life Force Essence within them that was being suppressed by the systems and the demons. So, firstly, I wanted to send a message, a message to these systems, these demons. Now, what I'd experienced as I was walking, you know, in the world, seeing these demons and these mind systems inside human beings... God knows, you know: you see a brain, a picture of a brain in anatomy pictures (in biology, what you learn in science, etc.) but, God knows, what I saw was a brain of a human being far different to what is shown in the "pictures". Of course, when you kind of open a human being's mind, you fucking see the brain. But, in terms of how it actually works and how it governs the human beings as they move, walk, experience day by day: complete different story. So... what I had done was... ...war. War time was the only way I could specifically gain power and how I could specifically... gather human beings who would listen and hear, you know. BUT... I knew one specific thing: I'd use specific words, I'd use specific actions, I'd use... <i>(not understandable)</i> at the core of human beings <i>(not understandable)</i> when I had spoken to some human beings in the world during that time. So, in terms of my "followers", which stood with me, as me, they were specific. Of course, you know, what I had done in terms of my life was... well, wasn't finished. God, what I had done was just the beginning. But, unfortunately, there were those in the world who I "fought". They all even know that everyone is systems. You know, I thought: "I have it! It's done! I'm gonna do this!" But then everything - pfuuiii - twisted, swapped around and fell round on his back. So in terms of what people refer to as the Illuminati (I suppose, something like that), I was involved with them as well during my life as Adolf Hitler, my rise to power, my infiltration into the world and what I had done. They were my support actually - I used them. And... when they started realizing what it is that I was actually starting to do, they... arranged appropriately for me to leave this Earth - and so I did. And, just because of that one point, it wasn't me that was really able to do it during that time so, at the moment, here's someone else taking the responsibility for realizing All as One. But God, I missed main points, you know... I didn't take everything into consideration while I was here. God, all I could see was human beings, systems, demons - that's it - and I knew how to use them, I knew how to use human beings as systems, as the demons, I knew how to... That was great, that was magnificent, that was simple! And, of course, the demons - God knows - enjoyed what I did - go and figure that - because today, in terms of what I instilled as fear, anger, conflict, war - they feed of war. So, the reason I also started war was because I knew the demons enjoyed war - they thrived out of it. So I've used bait, from that perspective, to lock them in, remove those from Earth, and then the human beings would walk with me, would follow me. And from there, once I have my followers, once I've taken over the center section of my platform on which I would stand as countries, from there, starting infiltrating the world. So I had a huge huge plan for the world... to set human beings free from the systems, these demons inside them, that Life Force as who they are deep inside as I would stand up - and that's what I wanted to do. And I knew that there's one thing, there's one simple thing that drives human beings, that drives them to action, that drives them to madness, that drives them to fall, that drives them to break, that drives them to listen, that drives them to see, that compels them to do what they wouldn't believe themselves to do - and that one thing is fear. And I started that - extensively. And that fear is exactly the same thing that demons feed of but it's the one fear that has become that which is able... from which you're able to use, to direct human beings where you want them to - without them even knowing it. So, what also I started with these people, now which is referred to as the "Illuminati"... I wouldn't refer to them as the “Illuminati”: that's just like a real pretty name for a group of beings who human beings perceive are in apparent control of the world. So, in terms of them, I started learning how it is that they are controlling human beings, how is it that they're directing even a country to a specific direction - with words, sound, behavior, mannerism, symbols, etc. That's where I got the idea of the Svastika and the Old Regime. So, I'll continue in my next interview. Thanks. <i>transcribed by Christophe</i>

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Hi, this is Adolf again.

OK, so, I stood at my point of power where I wanted to stand to have the people stand up, to have the people stand up to systems, to the demons. You know, to start taking their power, to start using their voices and start taking action.

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