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The Hidden Story Of Jesus part 1/7

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At Christmas time, Christians like me, despite the chaos of the shopping, the eating, the drinking should really be celebrating the birth of Jesus, the son of God, born of a virgin, the savior child sent to Earth to save us all. The story we have been told for over 2000 years that is supposed to be exclusive to Christianity But what if I were to tell you that the story of Jesus wasn't quite as unique as you might thought That the Hindu God Krishna also had a miraculous birth, and was also attended by angels and shepherds. This is the story of the child Krishna, but it could very be the story of Jesus. And alike Jesus the Buddha also performed miracles walking on water and feeding the five hundred. So, in some ways, I'm not just following Jesus, I'm also following Buddha. and some are convinced that Jesus didn't die on the cross in Jerusalen, but he's buried in India. So, this suggests that the tomb is the tomb of Jesus! It's where Jesus is buried! And there are others who believe Jesus had a very different lifestory and even see him as a symbol of oppression. I'm an orthodox Jew, I don't believe in Jesus! Then, there are the muslins who believe Jesus will come back at the end of time and who even have a tomb awaiting him next to Mohamed Medina And there is also an ancient christian text that is laid hidden for over 16 hundred years that has a very different version of Jesus' story If there are some very different stories, like "Jesuses" which one is the real deal? I'm going to do what most Christians fear to do, go outside the christian tradition on a journey From Jesus' traditional birthplace in Bethlehem to the 4 hills in Himalaias, from ancient Egypt to modern day India to find out about these stories, investigate their origins and uncover who Jesus really was! I began my search for the hidden Jesus in Vrindaban, one of the India's holy cities On the center of worship for the ancient Hindu God Krishna. It's the month of Kartik, one of the most more auspicious times of the Hindu year When millions of pilgrims come here to worship Krishna. In ancient Hinduism, Krishna is seen as the supreme God who descents to Earth to fight evil. The stories concerning his life go back 8 hundred years before the birth of Jesus I'm here to explore the similarities between Jesus Christ and Krishna, And in particular their birth stories. Shivatsa Goswami is a brahmin priest who can trace his lineage back to the founders of the holy city more than 600 years ago I tell you a story, the story of a wonderous birth, where the child is born in the unblessed settings the mother can provide Every year, just like our nativity plays about the birth of Jesus, Hindus perform Raslinas or religion's passion plays about the birth of Krishna In the story, there's an evil king who tries to prevent the coming of the child In a prophecy, the evil king is told that the child would grow up to kill him. So he goes on a killing spree, murdering babies. It was beggining to sound familiar. In the story the stars pour things, the birth, the crucial hour in the middle of the night There was also an immaculate conception, and the birth is held by angels while the evil king's got sleep, The father is told to flee with his family They have to cross a river, but the waters are miraculously parted. You might wonder whose birth story is this. This is the story of the child Krishna No, Jesus! Krishna? But it could very be the story of Jesus. And as Jesus is held by John the Baptist, for Krishna is held by... It's the same story, you know! Same story! This is absolutely amazing stuff because most Christians when they see the nativity on every Christmas on december, they think this is unique. When I was a child in sunday school I was told very little about other religions. Instead I was told repeatedly that the Christian story of Jesus was totally unique And then, there was only way to salvation through him. Anything else was entertaining evil. Who is in this shrine here? It is also Lord Krishna when he become young. Krishna as a young person, with his love... To celebrate Krishna's birthday, just like we do at Christmas, Hindus also build nativity crypts When I see images of the baby Jesus, often at Christmas, both of the cultures have scenes or images of the Deity as a baby, so christianity have Jesus in a crypt, You have Krishna in a swing with his mother pulling the swing. The more I looked at it, the more similarities I found between Krishna and Jesus. And the more I realize that Jesus' story may not be unique. That's him Krishna! Have you sold them always to Hindus or have Christians bought them, have muslins bought them? Hindus buy them, muslins buy them. What about Jesus, do you think Jesus is the same of Krishna? Yes, they are the same. He is also an encarnation of God. Christians come pilgrimage to the places conected with the livestory of Jesus Hindus are encourage to visit the holy sites conected with lord Krishna and his many miracles. One of the holiest is Radha Kund where Hindus come to take ritual baths I encountered with a group of Hare Krishna devoutees led by Deebandhu Das There are lots of similarities between the life of Jesus and the life of Krishna Do you think they're similar in other ways? In part of India the dialect, they say Krishna; Christa Christa, and we know the greek is Christos So they came from the same root, actualy. So not only the birth stories of Krishna and Jesus are very similar and in this one indian dialect it seems that even their names sound the same. As Christians as every living being as my son, so in one sense we're all sons of God Jesus was an obedient son to every He said, He is called only son of God. And we're here because we're sinful. So, and... There's no question of sin for Jesus, He was pure from his birth. Krishna love us more than we can ever know. So he tries in different ways by sending different messengers, different rules, anyway anyhow He comes himself in various encarnations. Just in some many different ways according to time and culture, He tries to bring us back. I was told that thoughout the gospels, Jesus told his disciples to forsake all and follow me. Now I find it is just the same with the followers of Krishna They also believe that by chanting Krishna's name over and over again They'll get closer to him When I recite Christianity's most famous prayer that Jesus told his disciples, The Lord's Prayer, the very second line is "hallowed be thy name". It's almost exactly the same idea! As a Christian, I've been surprised that the many similarities I found between Krishna and Jesus. But most Christian fundamentalists still refuse to accept that they can learn anything from or have anything in common with any other religion. I like many Christians, in the west, went to the sunday school, went to church And was, frankly, taught to be intolerant towards other religions. And when we were taught about Hinduism and the many Gods, we racionaly taught to see these Gods as idols, and Krishna, rather being a manifestation of the divine was an idol A fourth century poet, talking to God, whoever the God is, The good was the God He says that there's inumerable ways to reach you. As all the he hears straight head cooked meet the ocean. So oh my lord all these various ways have somehow take us there So if you have that spiritual humility to not denounce the other lords out of existence other ways of out of the existence and cling to you own whole you will reach them. If we can learn to find unity in these common spiritual values, things that are unique to Jesus Then we would make things like Christian fundamentalism, islamic fundamentalism even Hindu fundamentalism, that attemps to separate people, It would make it even more venomous than it actualy is! One of the opening prayers of the Rig Veda it says: Let noble ideas and taughts come to me from all of the World. Unless we keep our doors open, the humanity is going to be poorer and poorer. But the factors which are responsable for that are political and economic factors If we don't have the logic of love as a driving force behind politics and economy. The future of religion is very bleak! At a key moment in the gospel of John, Jesus tell his disciples: Other sheap arrived which are not of his fold I believe He was telling them, and us that there are other ways to God Just as validy as Christianity. And for what I've seen here in India, there are lots of points of conections between Hinduism and Christianity, between Jesus and Krishna, and the hindus have no problems understanding Jesus and accepting his teachings My last night in Vrindaban was the combination of the Hindu holliday of Diwali or the festival of light. Traditionaly everyone lights lamps or candles to signify the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. Hindus believe that there is something inside all of us which is pure, infinite and eternal. So, just as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas, Hindus have Diwali; a celebration of this inner light, the knowing of which will banish all darkness all ignorance. But what were these mean is that many Christian still have a big problem with hinduism They think that worshiping Krishna is playing wrong For me it's not the right attitude The real Jesus didn't just want people to become Christians But that everyone to experience the kingdom of god By whatever means were best for them In the next part, I'll investigate another major religious' teacher Whose religion has spread all over asia! Not only does his lifestore have cunning similarities to that of Jesus But his teachings are very similars too!

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Aired: December 25, 2007 on Channel 4 Duration: 1:40:53 Info: Theologian Dr Robert Beckford investigates amazing parallels to the Christ story in other faiths, some of them predating Christianity by thousands of years. The Hindu god, Krishna, was conceived by a virgin and his birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds. Buddha was also the result of a miraculous birth and visited by wise men bearing gifts. Beckford attempts to unravel the mystery of why there are so many versions of the Christ story across the world and asks which is the real one.

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