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St Patrick's Day

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Saint Patrick`s day or Paddy's day is the Irish feast day ...and celebrates non other than Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland ... around from 386 to 461 AD. A day celebrated worldwide by the Irish, Scottish and... ...increasingly by anybody who wants to party and drink too much Guiness. The day is associated with everything Irish. Anything green and gold, shamrocks and good luck. The biggest celebrationsin Ireland are outside Dublin in Downpatrick... ..where Saint Patrick was buried after his death on March 17th 461 A.D. He is credited with converting Ireland from a Pagan to a Christian nation. He banished snakes from Ireland, driving them into the sea. Although snakes are probably a metaphor for the druids. Many Irish people still wear a shamrock on this day, even presidents of the USA. Paddy's day parades in Ireland date from the 19th century... ...originated in the growing sense of nationalism of the period. In the mid 90s a group called the Saint Patrick festival was set up by the government. The aim is a national festival that promotes Ireland's sophisticated modern image. The five largest parades of recent years have been in Dublin, New York City.... ...Manchester, Montreal and Boston. The New York parade is regarded as the largest. Parades also take place in other cities, including London, Paris, Rome, Munich... Hong-Kong, Copenhaguen and Chicago, where they dye the river emerald green. The Paddy's day custom came to America in 1737... ... that was the first year it was publicly celebrated in the US in Boston. One reason it is so popular in the US and elsewhere ... ... is that it takes place just before spring. So, say goodye to the winter blues and wear the green on Saint Patrick's day.

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St Patrick's Day

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