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C3L10: Horizontal Vertical Contact

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So now its time to build on what you already know about the 3 major facts, the 45, the figure 8, the sign curve. How do you take these things and crack big flat forehands and take the same formula and hit huge top spin. We are going to go over that right now it has to do with horizontal and and vertical axis. You see here Warrens got a high ball and he meets it at the 45 and then look how he almost comes down the way Agassi used to. His follow through is very horizontal and thats how you crack the big forehands. You get out there like I said with that sign curve laying that racket head into the ball. Then because its high, its a nice high bounce he actually comes across so once he can't go out to the 45 any longer his elbow just sort of breaks retracts and he comes and swipes across the ball. Hits a big flat forehand. Here is another one, see there it is again thats what you see when you see Federer hit that huge inside out and it makes that big cracking noise. Its that flat forehand, now on this one its a lower ball so Warren is not going to take the same type of swipe he gets out there with the S curve, see that. Now right at the 45 degree angle he comes up so its like there is a vertical plane and as soon as he hits that plane he lets the racket edge just rise up and he hits a massive massive top spin. So you've got the same player with the same fundamentals and formula for his forehand hitting two completely different forehands. It may look like two different shots but he is really working from the same tennis logic that he has on every stroke. Same with the backhand on a low ball he will let the edge of the racket as he gets to that sign curve right as he gets to the 45 degree angle let it just come up. On a flatter shot he will just come across the ball. Start looking out for this in your students and tell them to experiment with this. They can hit every shot in the game They can hit the big forehand, the huge top spin by utilizing these principles.

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Change the velocity and spin through geometry.

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