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Why Porn Made Me Crazy

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Now let’s wake up I'm frustrated!! Is this a medical problem? Ischemia Varicosle Prostrate You've been to the doctor, and everything is fine. Testosterone deficiency Winter time is over. Vyvanse Eh, sustanon Accutane You're off those now. This dilemma is just a waste of time and energy. Listen to me!!! I get paralyzed. Yes, yes I'm telling you! I’ve had so many mortifying first time experiences.. I get the fears! Be-because I know she’s deciding if she wants to deal with this-- With this SIZE, this potential size! And compactness and longevity for the rest of her life. So I’ve held back. Until I know I'm comfortably accepted. Starting at ten years old.... You began to believe that the accepted penis size was the size of a pornstar. Dangit! Since ten years old! Deeply conditioned. But it's completely unrealistic. And you haven't had any complaints. Yeah but not since before PUBERTY. My penis doesn't RESPOND. Can we just avoid this topic? If we could just at least have average sex, I don't even care if we connect as humans. Take extenze. No!! I wanna know MY penis works!! Hush up. But I want it to be smoking hot.. Up against the wall... passion... the sense of urgency in the movies.. I could DO you, right here right now if I wanted to. You’ve been rewiring your arousal system for VOYEURISM since ten years old. making you less responsive to more tender sensual experiences with real women. A critical developmental period in adolescence. (tip-toes) So what does it matter? No.... no! You're damaging our neurons dude, stop! My mind can’t handle anymore noxious violent images! Of these animals who go to extremes. Well, I’m disgusted with myself again, so thank you. I'm a genius! It’s closing off my imagination and barricading me away from real women. My relationships never last, anyway. It's just sad. I’ve really been this whole time without really realizing it. I told you Charles.. take extenze. No emotional ties, just release. Free love is more EFFORT than pleasure. It just sidetracks me. Well I feel like a million bucks afterwards. Sex is always boring and I end up digusted afterwards. It's just going through the motions. I'm being stifled!!! Gradually... there has been a lost tie between your penis, your sensuality, and the tenderness of your heart. And I can't even gaze into her eyes. I do not know how to court a woman, or flirt Eh so I just hide in SHAME. To protect myself. My walls are too strong now and I don’t rely on WOMEN anymore. I want a female!! And I want intimacy.. They just don't want me anymore. Stop stuttering. I don't need that... closeness. I have a chip on my shoulder!! And I'm not showing it to anyone. Do you remember your attitude towards girls in 1st grade? And how they responded? Do you remember trusting them? The warm, nonthreatening bonds that you had? Look, the damage is done. I've been CONDITIONED to be indifferent. And that's how I've learned to cope. (scribbling) It appears to me... that pornography has aggravated your body dysmorphia. rewired your pleasure response, created an ILLUSION of being with someone making you comfortably disconnected from close relationships. molding you into viewing women as fearful objects not as tender, human companions. Well, okay. I suppose.. until then.. I'll continue to roam.. the earth ALONE.. in search of my love. For the last 5 years I’ve been roamin’ my ass around. For the last 10 years I've been roamin' my ass around. (Piano Outro) Written and Play-acted by Jeff Azar Artwork and Music by Thomas Azar Animation by Vinitha Velayudhan Comment, Subscribe, Like!

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Posted by: demithedaredevil on Aug 2, 2015

Why Porn Made Me Crazy
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