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Teach you Design of: Jealousy. Why am i sometimes Jealousy?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Jealousy - The Design of Jealousy This is the, design of jealousy, communicating about 'jealousy' Why, and how does jealousy, 'exist'? Jealousy is only able to exist, if you within yourself have the following..attributes. As a mind consciousness system. Inferiority, superiority, comparison, self-judgment Yeah..those four. Inferiority, superiority, self-judgment, comparison. This world..supports jealousy. Jealousy.. is actually, the..'mate', of comparison. Jealousy 'stems' from comparison, from 'the design of comparison'. Thus, you might already know, and be aware of, 'exist of the mind' So why would jealousy, exist? Furthering, the enslavement, of separation. Now, this world, supports jealousy in the following way: You know human beings, 'looking' different. and the most 'fascinating', most fascinating of jealousy, and comparison, as it is- it's all about "pictures" Jealousy 'is the trap' Jealousy is, the 'spider'..the web, of this mind consciousness reality. In which you get 'stuck' and trapped if you 'allow yourself', to 'compare' and, from in that comparison allowed jealousy within you. Human beings, who..are jealous. Are the most vulgar, expressions, I have seen, in this world. It is the most, ugliest! disgusting!..expression, I have seen, in this world Because human beings, who allow 'jealousy', 'are really', really the most nastiest, untrustworthy, deceitful, dishonest human beings I've seen, in this existence. Now. If you allow, comparison and jealousy within you, with 'anything, or anyone', in this world. You've fallen. You're, in the trap, the web of this mind consciousness reality. Within that within that 'one', singular point..of jealousy. You are supporting, and allowing, and accepting, and assisting, Separation of this world and within yourself. Because, within oneness as 'who we are'. How, on this..and in this existence is jealousy able to exist, as comparison able to exist? Really. Self-honestly look within you, look, at how, jealousy and comparison, in your mind Stem from pictures, human beings 'do not allow your eyes to deceive you'! Because it is in the eyes, of this, holographic..'picture, reality'. That you allow yourself, 'to be trapped, and enslaved', and actually living separation within you, when you allow jealousy and comparison. and it always stems from, superiority, or inferiority self-judgment, and as I've said comparison is the big one. Because that's takes it's like a ladder. You have superiority (up) inferiority, self-judgment- comparison, 'jealousy' Whole triangle, system construct. Which manifest then in your 'experience' of jealousy and 'really have a look', it is so fascinating.. to 'what' jealousy, within you is able to 'drive you to do'? to become? and it's interesting because, human beings who are jealous, and who compare. Think that they are.. in 'some way', influencing, or harming another. When actually, it's them 'themselves', those who allow themselves to be jealous, and compromised, 'and compare'. that become, the real beast..of this world. Of course, it is interesting. Because that which you are jealous of, and compare yourself to, according to another You'll experience. Understand human being, you're responsible, 'for your own self' and what's going on within you. Look at it from this perspective, you're going to live with 'yourself'..infinitely. I would live in such a way, that I would have no regret or shame. Before 'anyone or anything' in this world 'including', myself. Take care of yourselves human beings, it''s really enough. and, you do not want to see terms of what you have become and allowed and accepted yourself to be, because of jealousy. It is 'a sickness', it is a illness. If you must, stop 'watching television', stop buying, those god damn magazines. Do you know..when you watch the, human beings on the, television and, in cinemas, and in magazines..always seemed so 'perfect', and 'beautiful'. and there you go on a roll (rise rise rise rise) comparison, jealousy. traps you every time. So observe yourself when you're in this world human beings, observe your thought. Because the most, 'active', aspect of the mind, is jealousy and comparison. Have a look. Thank you very much. this is the design of jealousy. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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