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Learn about the Roman Empire

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The Roman empire is a face of Roman civilization succeeding the Roman republic The transition from republic to empire occurred at different moments by different accounts. but the best know sources say the empire started in 44 BC when Julius Caesar became dictator for life. This development was the first of its kind as no one took leadership for more than six months. Caesar is the most famous leader of the Roman Empire Era. The Roman Empire encompassed a huge area almost two and a half million square miles. Centering on the Mediterranean and extending into continental Europe, Asia and Africa. Its main city was Rome and some of the most significant contribution that made in history include the modern calendar, institutions of Christianity, a sophisticated system of roads and some aspects of new classes to architecture. The modern world also inherited legal thinking from Roman law as well as forms of government influence like presidency and public administration policies. The works of authors like Horris, Sisirow and Tasedes are examples of some popular literary figures from ancient Roman Civilization. Today the film gladiator rediscovers the life of historic fighters inside the coliseum. The roughness of which still stands now The coliseum was the largest amphitheater built during the Roman Empire The Empire broke in two 305 AD and ended in 476 AD when the last emperor of the western Roman Empire Romulus Augustus was removed from power. Several states claimed to be the Roman Empires successor but the direct political legacy belonged to the Byzantine Empire the Holy Roman Empire then tried to resurrect the Empire in the west.

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Prueba de los romanos

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