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Goldilocks and the three bears

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Once a nice day, in a small house near the woods... ... there lived a little girl whose name was Goldilocks Goldilocks, where are you? I'm in the garden Mamma! Well, don't go away!, your meal will be ready soon. And don't play in the woods! No Mamma. Goldilocks stood very still. And looked around and realized she was lost. Nearby in a tiny cottage in the woods lived a family of three bears. Nearby in a tiny cottage in the woods, there lived a family of three bears. The Daddy bear, a Mummy bear and a a wee baby bear. Come along said mummy bear. This porridge is far too hot. We'll take a little walk before breakfast. Goldilocks seeing a ballon floating out of the trees... ... started off down the path towards it. Very soon she came across the bears' cottage. Hello, is anyone at home?, said Goldilocks. Finding herself inside a strange house! She was a little frightened! She was also very hungry! She dipped into the big bowl of porridge. But it was far too hot! Then she tried the middle-sized bowl but it was all gooey. And when she tried the baby bowl, it was just right and she gooble it all up! She felt much better now and decided that nice people must have lived there! And they would surely show her their way home when they returned. She looked for something to sit. The big Daddy chair was too high! The middle-sized Mummy chair was far too soft. Then she tried the baby chair, it was just right. She was so pleased, she began to rock backwards and forwards until suddenly... ... she looked at the broken chair and remembered the times... ...her Mummy told her not to rock in a chair in case she fell. Well now, she had fallen and broken the chair! She looked out of the window to see if anyone was coming... ... but none was outside. Sadly she turned the way and climbed the stairs ... ... and found herself in a big bedroom. There was a big Daddy bed, a middle-sized Mummy bed and... ... a wee baby bed. Feeling sleepy she tried to climb on the big Daddy bed. It was very high and very hard. So she tried the middle-sized Mummy bed but it was too soft the cover was so slippery that she slid onto the floor. And then she laid on the baby bed and it was just right! In fact, it was so comfortable she fell fast sleep. Meanwhile the bears have returned from their work The big daddy bear peered into his bowl and said: who's been eating my porridge! The little sized mummy bear said: and someone has been eating my porridge! While the little bear cried for someone have eaten all of his porridge, every bit. The big Daddy bear went to his chair and said: someone has been sitting on my chair... Someone has been sitting on my chair:said the middle-sized Mummy bear. And the wee baby bear cried again and said someone has been sitting on my chair and has broken up the legs. The bears were puzzled... They decided to look upstairs. The big Daddy bear looked at his bed and said: someone has been lying on my bed. The middle-sized Mummy bear said: someone has been lying on my bed. While the wee baby bear cried out: someone has been sleeping on my bed and there she is. Goldilocks woke up suddenly. Oh Dear, Oh Dear, she cried! And she was so frightened she jumped straight out of the window. She ran down the path and into the woods as far as she could . And she didn't stop running until she saw her tiny little teddy bear lying on the ground. Looking round she saw her garden gate. Quickly she ran inside just in time of hearing her mother calling: Goldilocks, Goldilocks, where are you! Goldilocks went inside and ate her lunch which was just right. And never wandered into the woods again!

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Posted by: mvalles on Mar 3, 2014

Goldilocks and the three bears

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