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It's no secret that Ninja are awesome They are the heroes that populated our childhood through movies, video games and comic books. But who were they really? Military leadership in feudal Japan was held by the Samurai the nobel warriors of the shogun They had to observe bushido, a strict code of conduct involving chivalry, honor and honesty both to their master and in combat. The noble Samurai were quite the contrast to the Ninja. Often coming out of lower classes, the ninja performed all the deeds that were deemed unrespectable for the noble Samurai. They were spies, raiders, saboteurs, assassins and arsonists simply put: they were covert agents, but unlike today’s special forces, they were working freelance for whatever Feudal Lord hired them. The ideal ninja was a flyweight of a mere 132 lbs. with a flexible and agile body, able to hide by hooking on to the ceilings. Ninjas secretly infiltrated enemy strongholds by hiding in the shadows. They mastered techniques to silence watchdogs and knew to disguise their own body odor through a bland tofu diet. Ninja were such notorious spies that many castles had built in counter measures such as traps and trip wire attached alarm bells. Some castles were designed to be confusing to navigate with blind spots for surveillance and special floors made to squeak loudly when walked over. Contrary to popular belief, ninja were neither practicing martial arts, nor were they using the nunchaku. They did however have katanas and throwing stars. In terms of costume there's also no real evidence for the ninja clad in black garb prevalent in popular media. But ninjas were known to be masters of disguise: They came as priests, entertainers, fortune tellers, monks or mountain hermits And they were reputable assassins, who employed rather unconventional methods. One story tells of a dwarf ninja who hid inside a toilet for hours to kill a heavily guarded warlord by ramming a spear up his anus.

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