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Lorangelis, 1988 (#453)

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My name is Lorangelis Thomas. I'm from Puerto Rico, I'm 24 years old and I was born with HIV. I have one question. I hope someone could answer it whether in Spanish or English. It's just because I'm worried. I have lived all my life with HIV and contrary to what people believe, I never had the chance to experience life without it. So physically my body does not recognize what it is to be 100% healthy. And I haven't had the experience either to live a normal life. Suddenly, you realize that you've got HIV. So... This is my question. If the cure is discovered at any given moment, and all people who live with HIV are finally cured, would the world stop discriminating against us? Just like a drug addict who has finally given up drugs but the world still sees him as a drug addict. And even though you're rehabilitated, just like the alcoholics. Could we actually be normal people? I mean, normal people to our society. Would people stop discriminating against us for something we had but would not have anymore? That's my question. Besides, had it not been for HIV, my life wouldn't be the same. HIV is not my whole life but it gives me strength and gives me courage to never give up and show to the world what I'm capable of. HIV is something that is not in my soul. But is in my body. The moment I don't have HIV, I wonder, would I have the same strength to continue living? Do I have another cause to fight for? If so, how can I make a difference? I know the answer is somewhere. But there's nothing stronger than HIV. I don't think so. That's it.

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Posted by: bobuensuceso on Oct 17, 2017

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