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Yehuda Berg's Weekly

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Yehuda Berg's Weekly Consciusness Tune-Up. It's never too late. Welcome back to the weekly consciousness This week I was looking at stories from the Bible I was looking at the story of Abraham. Abraham and Sarah have been married for all these years And they don't have a child, they don't have a child. Finally at a very old age very old age, at the age of one hundred years out comes Abraham and says: "Give me a child". Abraham and Sarah go through so much pain to have a child. Isaac is born. History continues, Isaac and Rebbeca have similar trouble having children. And then Yaakov is born. When we look throughout history and many many couples have gone through hardships, they have a child. The story of the Bible of King David and his lineage how it came to pass, this is even too great to talk about. Through his lineage down the line, all kinds of stories whether it's the biblical story of Yehuda and Tamar whether it's the biblical story of Ruth and the way she ended up with Boaz and there's, without going into it, there's many there's been many hardships in some of the righteous who have been born in the Bible. But we could look at it into our own lives. You know, even our soul even if we are not so righteous and apparently we have to go through that much to bring us into the world, but specially of our parents did You know, imagine a couple who tried a couple of times for five years, and then went to in vitro and did everything, all kinds of things and finally we come into this world. But, even if it was natural, You know, a couple gets married, or didn't even get married, a mistake happened, she gets pregnant and has a child. A girl 19 years old, boom! Child Even that kind of child that happens by mistake but happens naturally, just happens you know, get married, have a child, you know what we look as nature, even that child goes through so much to leave the upper worlds, for the soul to come and it's steps, and it's process, until it's born. Each soul has a promise to fulfill And we have to ask ourselves, are we fulfilling that promise? Whether it's a process that we can see it was difficult, like Abraham, like Yaakov, or those biblicar stories King David, Tamar, Boaz Yehuda, or our soul that seems to be natural But had a tremendous metaphysical journey Our soul comes into this world with a promise to fulfill And we have to ask ourselves the question: Are we fulfilling our promise? Our soul has gone through a journey just to get here. Just to be the person who we are. And it's a question we need to constantly ask but specially in this week. Specially in this week ask the question Are we fulfilling our promise? Let me give you a hint The answer is "no". And the question needs to be, what more can I do this week to fulfill my promise. Ask ourselves, truthfully After we might lie to ourselves saying "yes" We ask the question, find the "no" and then ask ourselves: what can I do this week more, what can I do today more, to fulfill the promise to my soul Think about it. Have a wonderful week.

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