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One for the Money (2012)

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I got some some not-so-great news. I got let go from Macy's lingerie department. Those bastards. Who wouldn't enjoy a nice thong. Come on. And I got maybe 10 minutes left with the car. What I need to get is.. A job A husband. You guys got anything full time, part time. How comfortable are you with the low life? Sold lingerie for 3 years in Newark. You're good to go. Huh. Joe Morelli skipped out on bail? 50 grand, dead or alive. I can do this. She want's to be a bad-ass recovery agent. I might like his better. Stephanie started a new job. Yeah, she's got a gun. Put the gun away, mom. [gunshot] She belongs in a home. Clarence Samson. He got kicked out of two retirement homes for flashing his... Hello there. Wow. Hookers. They always know somethin'. (Stephanie) If you want information from Lula, you gotta bring her a snack. A snack? I'm hungry. You're out of your league. Gotta stay sharp, Plum. [screaming] Stephanie Plum. Vinny sent you to bring me in? You're going down, Morelli. You know what? You're sexy as hell. Oh. Come on! Good to see you cupcake. You're an animal! [gunshot] I was just shootin' a gun. How hot is that? I'm gonna nail Morelli. Not nail Morelli, you know what I mean. Yeah. He's worth 50 grand! (Grandma) Didn't the two of you have a little... It was high school, Grandma This is my car. Dammit. Oh my god, is that guy naked? Fresh air is good for the boys. ♪ [Pink - I'm in Trouble Now] [quick scream] Aw, come on. I want my car, and I want it now. How does a person eat like you eat, look like you look? Hey, why you messing with my Tasty Cake, huh? (Morelli) No offense, but you can't bring me in without my cooperation. No? Can't wait to see what you got. ♪ Yea trouble now ♪ [clears throat] ♪ I'm trouble y'all ♪ We got this good cop bad cop thing going. Except we're hookers. Oh god! They blew up our car. Excuse me, who's car? Your car. You want it back? ♪ I'm trouble now, yeah trouble now ♪ You've been hit. Thanks, Einstein. Too bad. It's a pretty nice ass. ♪ Trouble, yeah trouble now, I'm trouble y'all ♪ [Captions by]

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