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Bucky Larson - Born to Be a Star (2011)

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(woman) Love that new haircut! (Bucky) Gettin' a lot of compliments on it. Thanks, mom! (Mom) Oh, don't thank me, thank the bowl. Mrs. Fallsworth said I look like Brad Pitt. (narrator) Meet Bucky Larson. (manager) Get out of here! You're fired! Fired? (narrator) He was going nowhere... Don't let these people get you down. (with lisp) You're destined for greatness. (narrator) ...until he made... (friend) Tonight, we're going to watch nude movies. (narrator) ...a shocking discovery. (friend) Is that who I think it is? That's you're folks. I'm the son of 2 stars! (Dad) We were gonna tell ya on your 50th birthday. This is my destiny. I'm going to go to California, and I'm going to be a star on the silver screen. I'm the son of 2 movie stars! That's like a super - twofer movie star. (Bucky) Hey, how are ya? (clerk) We don't sell kiddie porn, man. Oh, I'm allergic to cats. Self service, pal. No, I don't want to buy a movie. I want to be in one. There's a house party here tonight. You can make a lot of connections there. What are you doing, crack-head? Ladies and gentlemen - Bucky Larson. [applause/cheers] Show 'em what you got, kid. [gasps] Aw. [laughter] Miles. Miles Deep. Pleasure to meet ya. (Miles) I'm a director . His parent's were famous. There may be a nostalgic market. Do you want to shoot something tonight? Yeah! We're making a movie! (Miles) Alright, Bucky, take off your pants, let's see how you look. That's it? That's average. I uploaded it to the net. Got a million hits in 3 days. (Miles) Guys aren't threatened, and the girls think they've got a prize. Compared to you, he's gigantic! You make me look like I've got a big... (Miles) Changing lives. (narrator) Nick Swardson is... (Jimmy Fallon) You don't look like the average porn star. Oh, yeah, 'cause I'm wearing a sweater. (narrator) Bucky Larson. I've never ridden in a convertible before. Stand up, feel the breeze. Argh. Holy cow! Ugh. You got bugs in your teeth. Oh, it's still movin'! Yeah. That is a great accent. Your accent's awesome. I love that accent. Everyone keeps talking about my accent, but I'm from America. ♪ Let's do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel ♪ [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jul 27, 2011

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