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How to tip correctly

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Hi I'm Katrina Z for one of the most difficult things to figure out but one of the most important things when you're going out is how to tip who to tip and how much to tip we're talking to Melissa Kursch the author of “A girl’s guide to absolutely everything” And she has all the answers thanks for joining us thanks for having me Is that 15% at a dinner-rule or at a restaurant-rule does it that still hold true ? No it really doesn’t especially in larger cities Anything around 17 to 20% says “this was good service” 15% like it or not is considered a little cheap now What about in a bar where you’re sitting there someone basically pours you a drink, turns around puts it in front of you does that 17 to 20% rule still holds true ? No it’s about a dollar a drink try to do that If you are in a open bar however tipping two dollars for the first drink Will help people perhaps to get better service Aha-ha very good point What about something like going to the hair salon ? That when always get me because you’re tipping the person who’s doing the primary work on your hair then there’s the shampooing person then there’s the blow dry person then there’s the person who brings you your water or your coffee When do you stop ? Plan on on 18 to 20% you have to figure it into the cost of the cut and color and everything that you’re getting done So If you went in expecting to pay 150 dollars total tack on 30 dollars to that Now is that 30 dollars just to the primary person who’s doing your hair or you’re dicing up that 30 dollars between all of the people who have done everything from blowing up your hair to washing your hair ? You know a couple of dollars to the person who’s washing your hair is usually a good idea If there are a lot of people working on you go to the central person and give them The sum total of the tip and expect that they will give it to the people that are working with them what if the hairdresser is also the owner of the salon ? Isn’t there an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t tip the owner ? Exactly there is an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t tip the owner But you can be sure that a lot of people are .So if you can afford it why not tip the owner ? Because you want to make sure that you get a good cut next time Okay now moving away from hair talking about heavy labor ..Moving ! it’s an expensive thing to do, it requires a lot of work and you definitely need help . You’re already paying a big fee to those movers. How do you determine what type of tip to give them ? Plan on 20 to 30 dollars for the foreman of the moving group and 15 to 20 for each of the movers Now make sure to hand the cash to each mover specifically because if you just give it to the foreman you can't be sure that the one who really took his time with your heirloom furniture is actually going to get the cash What it you are in a restaurant or what if you're at a salon or somewhere where the service is absolutely terrible Is it ever okay to leave without giving a tip at all and if you do should you tell the owner or the manager that the service was so bad and therefore you're not leaving a tip ? People have many minds on this People in the restaurant industry will tell you that it's a team working on this and not to take it out on the server if it was specifically the server who is really terrible use your discretion but usually 10 to 15% says "I was not happy with my service" If this is some place where you feel like you might like to come back and you want the owner to know you might take a manager aside and say, in the most gracious way possible, that you were really not pleased with the service you received What about a bathroom attendant ? One to two dollars is just great in a little basket for the bathroom attendant Now frequently you might go to the bathroom without your wallet if you remember it's nice to go back and put a couple of dollars in the basket for the bathroom attendant Excellent advice, thank you so much Melissa !! Thank you

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How many times have you found yourself in the awkward situation of not knowing how much to tip someone, or whether to tip at all? Here’s Melissa Kirsch, author of The Girl’s Guide to Absolutely Everything with the key to how to tip correctly.

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