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Getting Past Your Past - Week 3

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Well, thank you today to all of you for joining us for another week of the series called, Getting Past Your Past. If you missed the first week, we talked about overcoming the labels that bind you and you can hear or watch that message at anytime. All of our messages are there for free. Last week, we dealt with a really healing message as we looked at, Why should we and How do we Forgive Those That Have Hurt us? Next week, we are going to talk about overcoming our personal failures. So many of us, we've sinned against God, or maybe we even just made a mistake and we understand that God has forgiven us, but we're having a hard time overcoming our own failures. That will be next week. Today though, I want to talk about a message that quite honestly, I don't know if I've ever heard taught on from a church; which is really, really interesting to me, because it is such an important Biblical principle. Let me illustrate the challenge. If I ask you and just all of you kind of think this through, how many of you have had someone either lie to you, disappoint you, betray you or hurt you in some way? All of our different churches, how many of you would say, Hands down, someone has done that to me? Now, if I ask you, How many of you have done those very same things to other people? A lot of times we'd be a little more hesitant to admit that we've often been the offender; because it's so easy quite honestly, to play the roll of the victim. That's why we hear messages over and over and over again in the church, here's how and why we should forgive those who have hurt us, but it's so much more rare to talk about owning up to our own offenses to others, and how do we deal with those? So, what I want to do today is I want to talk from the Bible about what do we do when we are the person who has hurt or wronged someone else? And we'll start with the words of Jesus. From Matthew, Chapter five, Jesus was teaching a very powerful, very important message. He was in a little segment about relationships. He had just said, You've heard it said before do not murder, but I say to you don't even hate. And so, He was in the relational zone when He said this in verse 23 and 24, He said: Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar.... In other words if you're in the temple, or in our context, if you're going to church; if you're going to church and you're offering the gift at the alter: ...and there remember that your brother... What? All of our churches, let's say this aloud to make sure we internalize it: ...there you remember that your brother has something against you... In other words, you've hurt a friend's feelings, you've let someone down, you disappointed someone, you lied to someone. You go to worship God and you remember, Oh my goodness, someone that I love is upset at me and our relationship isn't where it's supposed to be. In verse 24, He tells us what to do, He says: ...leave your gift there in front of the altar. And then He says: First... In other words, before you give your gift, He says: ...go... And the Greek verb tense for go, it implies an intense action. In other words, it may mean you have to travel, or work hard to do it, or overcome some obstacles. But He says: ...first go... And do what? Everybody say it aloud. Jesus says: ...first go and be reconciled to your brother; then come back and offer your gift. Now, this to me is really interesting because I can't think of another time in Scripture where the Bible says there's something that takes place as a higher priority over the worship of God. Before you worship God with your giving, first go and reconcile with the person that you've wronged. I'll be real honest with you, for years when I read that I kind of thought, That's odd! I mean, you know, it says worship God first and then go do that! Why would God want us to leave and stop worshiping Him to go and try to make amends? And it was when I had children that it kind of finally started to make sense to me. I'll give you an example. My day off is Friday. And so, I try to sleep in a little bit on Friday. But with six kids, 7:00 o'clock or 7:15 is about all I get before the two or three youngest come bounding down the stairs and jump in bed and cuddle up next to me and say, Daddy, I love your day off so I can snuggle with you in bed! And so, like great, let's just wake up at 7:00 a.m. On my day off! And so a few weeks ago, I had two of my youngest come bounding in and they were racing to see who gets the prize spot right by Dad, in between Mom. And they jumped on the bed about the same time and one of them made what quite honestly, it was a pretty good move! We had been watching too much UFC, and took the other one and hurled them off the bed! And the one that got hurled off the bed stood up and looked at the offender and said, You're a meany head! And then they started fighting, and again tried to snuggle up next to me. All of a sudden, kind of like Jesus in Matthew Five I said, No, no, no, no, no, no; now hang on there you two! First of all, good move! I've got to admit, it was a good move but you shouldn't have thrown him off of the bed! You apologize for throwing him off of the bed, and you apologize for calling him a meany head! No one snuggles up to Dad until you get this relationship right! And in so many ways this is what God is saying, 'Don't come in and do your little church thing; you know, lift up your hands or if you're charismatic, do the little dance, you know...the little dance thing! Or you know, come in there and fill out your little deal or go to your little Sunday school class. Don't go do your religious acting thing when you're not loving and working hard to bring reconciliation in your relationships.' There is something that takes priority even over the worship of God, Jesus says, and that is to honor God by doing your part to bring restoration in the relationships. Jesus also said this in the very same chapter, Matthew 5:9, He said: There are some who are blessed and those who are blessed are the what? Say it aloud, He said: Blessed are the peacemakers..., One more time, everybody, say it with me please! Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God. It's really interesting as I did a little research on this word. Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers, He didn't say blessed are the peacekeepers. And there's a real difference between a peacemaker and a peacekeeper. Write this down if you're taking notes: What do peacekeepers do? Peacekeepers often avoid confrontation to keep peace. They want to avoid confrontation and it's not bad to be a peacekeeper, it's worse to be a turmoil maker; but He says, 'Hey, don't just be a peacekeeper.' That's what some of us are in our relationships, it's like, Oh, you know let's not fight about it, let's not talk, let's pretend like everything's okay! Let's just not acknowledge that every year when we get together with family there's tension. Let's just kind of fake it, let's just act like it's okay. We all really deep down know that this relationship is not where it's supposed to be, but I don't want to fight, I don't want to have obstacles, I don't want to go through a difficult time, so let's just be peacekeepers. Jesus says, 'No, peacemaking is far better.' Write this down: Peacemakers, as opposed to peacekeepers; peacemakers embrace confrontation to make peace. Jesus said, Go. Before you offer your gift; go, initiate, try, apologize, do whatever it takes, even if you have to work through some very difficult things to make peace where there is no peace. I will just be real transparent with you. In my own life, in a leadership setting, I have no problem being a peacemaker, confronting others. None whatsoever; in fact, I kind of enjoy it. You give me someone who is not doing what they're supposed to do, I'll call them on it, if I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do, in a leadership environment you call me on it; we can shut the doors, hook them up baby, come outside! And we're friends again! I have no problem whatsoever with confrontation in a leadership environment. But what's interesting is in my family, I'm much more of a peacekeeper. I don't know why, but when there is a challenge I kind of think, Oh, it's okay, let's not get upset, let's just pretend! And Amy is like, No! It's not okay, let's fight about it! I'm like, No! I don't want to fight about it, it's okay! And she's like, No! If you love me, you'll fight about it! I'm like, I love you but I'm tired, I just want to go to bed! So, every now and then in a fight, I will tell you that this happens. Amy, in the middle of a fight, she comes to me crawling on her hands and knees and she says, Get out from under that bed, you coward! And fight like a man! And it's kind of the point that she's very good at this, We're not going to go to bed angry with tension, let's work it out! Let's be peacemakers and we are willing to endure and embrace confrontation if that's what it takes to make peace. Let me give you the friends and the enemies to peacemaking. If you're taking notes, there's a great enemy and there's a great friend to peacemaking. The greatest enemy to peacemaking is pride, pride. Don't you elbow someone sitting next to you right now and say, You prideful fool, you listen to this! God brought you here today, this is just for you! Okay, don't do that! The greatest friend though to peacemaking is humility. The greatest friend is humility. The greatest enemy is pride and the greatest friend is humility. Pride: You show me any relationship with tension and I'll show you one, generally two proud people, who would say, I'm not going to apologize, I didn't do anything wrong, I don't have to say I'm sorry for this! I mean, if I did a little bit, you did most of it anyway, and if you didn't, then I wouldn't have! And so, I'm not going to apologize, at least I'm not going to apologize first! Pride, here's the deal; what I've found in almost every ongoing relational struggle is that there is not just one person at fault, there's two people at fault. I don't care if the other person is a massive jerk on steroids, you are still part of the problem in some way and you own up to your part. You're not responsible for the other person. The Bible says if it's possible: far as it depends on you, do everything you can to stay at peace with those that you love. I'm serious, if you've only done one percent of the wrong and the other person is ninety nine percent, you still own your one percent, you apologize for your one percent. And just for the record, this is a helpful little tip: From my experience with Amy, don't bring percentages into the conversation! I'm just saying don't say, Well, I'm at least, well one, maybe two percent at fault in this, but you're ninety eight percent or more! I'm sorry for my little bit, what do you have to say for your part? It just doesn't work! Just saying! But the point is, we are all wrong in some way. It could be just an attitude. And pride says, No, no, no, no, no! No, no, not me, it's you, you, you! I'm the victim! Which is so crazy, because Amy and I were talking the other day. We deal with so many people who have failed marriages. It's just tragic. Over and over and over again. The crazy thing is, the odds are just insane. We always talk to the innocent part of the couple every single time! I mean, it's crazy, everywhere we go, we always talk to the right one and the other one is a jerk. Every single time, it's hard to imagine but every time; I'm innocent and he's a big, fat loser, no good jerk! Or, I'm innocent and she's a nag, blah, blah, blah! Why do we face always the innocent ones? It's because it's so hard to see our own pride and our own sin in the mirror. Humility on the other hand says, You know what, I do own a part of this. I actually have been wrong and I'm going to be faithful before God and humble myself. And here's what happens when you humble yourself, you elevate the relationship above yourself. And even if you feel like you're right, what you do is you say, I love this person more than I love being right. That's really good, you guys are being quiet! I'll say it again, in case you want to say, Amen, that's a real good place to say it! I love this person more than I love being right! Very good, thank you, all eight of you! Okay, I love this relationship and value this relationship more than I do being right. I'll give you an example from my own life. In pastoral circles, we kind of have an unwritten rule that we don't hire staff from a friend's church. We never talk about it, it's not like in a book anywhere, but we just all kind of understand this, and I'm very strict about this. Well, one time there was a staff member from a friend of mine's church who contacted some of our staff and said he was interested in coming here. My staff said, Craig, there's this guy, we think he'd be a good fit, we'd like to talk to him. What do we do? I said, Don't talk to him, don't flirt with him, don't interview him, don't listen to him until I call his pastor and see if his pastor will bless it. I called his pastor's office. I said, Craig Groeschel calling, there's a guy from your church, his name is such and such, he's interested in talking to us about a job. I know you're busy, if you're cool with it, and I don't hear from you in two weeks, you know, I'll just assume you're okay. If you'd like to talk about it, call me. I will wait two weeks before I move and if I don't hear from you, I will go ahead and let our guys talk to him. I waited two weeks, I waited a third week, I waited a fourth week just to double the amount of time. Never heard from him. I said to my guys, Talk to the guy. They put him through the whole process, we hired him. The day after we hired him, my cell phone rang and it was my pastor friend's name on there and I thought, Uh oh, this could be interesting! I picked it up and he was not talking in a quiet, loving tone as he often does. And he said, What are you doing? You hired my staff member! And my kind of flesh rose up, I'm like, Don't be a punk, I called you! And so, I let him do his deal and then I'm like, What are you so upset about? I called you and left you a message! He said, You didn't call me! I said, Yes, I called you! He said, When did you call me? I gave him the date. He said, Well, I was transitioning assistants then and I didn't get the message! I'm thinking to myself, Well, it's your fault for not having your systems in place! And I wanted to say that, but I stopped and I realized, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait; this is a good friend our churches have done a lot together, I choose to humble myself and value this person above being right. Because in my mind, I was right! In his mind, he was right! In Satan's mind, this was an opportunity to divide two good friends. And so, I just stopped and lifted him up above my own desires and said, You know what? I was stupid, I should have called, I should have waited to hear from you. I shouldn't have said two weeks, I should have tried back, I should have done more. I love you, I love your church, this isn't my heart. I will never let this happen again. Will you please forgive me? And suddenly his tone changed and he said, Of course I'll forgive you. He said, Let's just pray together right now. We prayed and he said, I'll never mention this again. That was many years ago and our friendship has remained in tact, and our church has done many things together. Why? Because two people decided to humble themselves and honor the other person and the relationship above their own desires to be right. How much could God do in your heart if you would take pride out and replace it with humility? And by humility, God could make you not just a peacekeeper, but a peacemaker. First go and do what you can to make it right. So, here's what I want to do in the rest of your time together, is just talk very specifically on how do we apologize with integrity? Because let's be honest, there's a right way to apologize and there's a wrong way to apologize. Don't do this, let's just say someone is apologizing to you today, don't pull out your notes and go, You missed point three, you jerk! Okay, don't do that! Just give the person some grace, but let's talk very specifically, there is a wrong way to apologize. Don't ever say you know, If I did anything to hurt you I'm sorry! That's not an apology, that's a cop-out! You know, I'm sorry you feel that way and you got your feelings hurt you big, fat baby! That's not an apology, that's being a jerk, okay! Let's talk about five specific things, if you're taking notes: 1. In your apology, I want to encourage you to admit to specific actions and attitudes. Get specific, because there's something very healing when you say, Here's what I did..., and you name it. I'm really sorry I yelled at you. You know what? I did, I lied, I shouldn't have done it, I am so embarrassed and so humiliated, I'm so sorry I lied to you. I didn't call you, I should have called. I gave into my own lustful desires and I did something that was heartbreaking to you, I know it. I'm so sorry, I will spend the rest of my life making up for it. You get very specific in your apology. Now, some people say, But I didn't do anything...I didn't do it...I didn't do anything! Some people need to apologize for not doing anything! Honestly, because often it's what we didn't do that warrants the apology. Theologians, they kind of break our sins into two categories. They call them the sins of commission, sins of commission; the sins that we committed. And the sins of omission, the things that we should have done but by not doing them they were actually a sin. I'm convinced that there are so many relationships that would be healed if we would apologize specifically for what we didn't do. You know what? I'm so sorry I didn't protect you, I should have. I'm so sorry, I was so busy working for all of those years and I really neglected our relationship. I'm so sorry. You know, I am embarrassed and sorry that I didn't emotionally engage with you. I took you for granted. I'm sorry for that. Apologize specifically, both actions and attitudes and watch as God does a healing work. Second thing if you're taking notes is this: 2. Don't make excuses. Whatever you do, don't make excuses. I've seen this a bazillion times. A guy will get caught looking at pornography. He's not a bad guy, he just gets tripped up and lured into this and then he gets caught. And so, he tries to transfer blame to his wife, Well, if you had been there meeting my needs, I wouldn't have... You know, If you hadn't have been...I mean this was my way of... Listen, own it! You were selfish, you got trapped, you got tricked and you got overwhelmed in it. No excuses, I'm sorry I betrayed you, period, no excuses. You know, The reason I spend so much money is because you're a cheapo and wouldn't buy me anything nice! No, no, no! That's an excuse! I spent so much money because I was stupid and materialistic! No excuses! Here's what happened recently at my house. My youngest child Joy, is six-years-old, I call her Jojo. She came up to me one day and she just was in tears, she said; Daddy, you're never home, you're always working, you don't care about me at all, you're always working! And I thought, What? I know my job is busy, but I work really, really hard to be at home, I work very hard. And I told Amy, I said, What do I do with this? I've got a daughter who thinks I'm not there and I'm here and I can prove it, and here's the...da, da, da! And Amy said, Wait, wait, wait! She said, You can go and try to argue intellectually with a six-year-old, or you can recognize that's her perspective and that's what she feels. What are you going to do about it? I thought, Okay, that makes sense. And so, I went to her and I said, You know what? I'm really, really sorry, because Daddy wants to spend more time with you. And I've been away more than I would like. So, what I want you to know is, this next weekend, I'm actually going to teach the message ahead of time and do that so that I can stay at home and spend the weekend with you! Why do you think I want to do this? And she smiled real big and she said, Because you love reading stories and playing games and staying up late and eating popcorn and tickling me until two in the morning, right Daddy? And I said, Exactly! Exactly! And she hugged me and she cried and it was a real special moment. So, now what I do is I intentionally tell her, Daddy turned down this invitation to go here and do you know why? And she said, Because you love me and want more time with me! I'm like, Exactly! So now the problem is, she tells her friends, I'm so sorry that your Dad doesn't love you as much as my Dad does, because my Dad's home all of the time! So, to all of our friends, we're sorry, we're working on it, we are going to get there, but we've still got some developing to do! So what I did, no excuses, not justifying, Hey, I'm not working as much as.... No! It's just, from her perspective, I'm very sorry and I'm going to change. Admit to specifics, don't make excuses. Number three, if you're taking notes: 3. Accept the consequences. When you sin against someone else; you hurt them, you betrayed them, let them down, there will often be consequences. Accept those consequences. If you've gossiped or lied about your best friend and your best friend is a little slower to trust, that's kind of the consequence. You have to rebuild some trust. If you're a 17-year-old kid and you drive home drunk as a skunk, and you apologize to your parents and your parents forgive you. And yet, they take the car away from you for three months, don't be a baby and whine! They're doing that, that's the consequence. You're lucky it's not six months, you were stupid and drove home drunk. Don't drink, don't drive, don't drink and drive; that's the consequence. You go out of town, you have an affair on your spouse. You come back, you confess, your spouse is devastated. Your spouse loves Jesus, your spouse loves you, your spouse forgives you. Your spouse says, I prefer that you don't travel out of town alone. But I have to, it's my job! Change jobs! That's a consequence. You shouldn't have screwed around on your spouse when you were out of town. Part of the apology is owning up to the consequence. That's what's right to do. I'm sorry and I own up to my part of the consequences. 4. Change your behavior. You did something wrong, change. Don't yell and then apologize, I'm sorry I yelled at you, and then yell again! Don't leave someone out, apologize, and then leave them out again. Change your behavior, get help, get counseling. Get around other Christians in a LifeGroup, ask them to pray for you, to hold you accountable, to ask you how you're doing. Change, apologize and change. And then the fifth thing, and I want to spend the most time here because this is the moment of transformation, I believe, for many people. 5. Ask for forgiveness. Don't just say, I'm sorry. But add to it some of the most powerful words in the human language that get at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And that is, look at someone else and say, I was wrong, will you please forgive me? Will you please forgive me? I'm going to tell you a story that's very painful for me to tell. It's one of the lowest moments of my relational life, and I tell it with full permission from my Dad. I called my Dad and said, How do you feel about me telling this story? He said, Son, you've got to tell it. He said, When you pitch that pitch, pitch it fast and down the middle! That's what my Dad said, just so you'll know! Baseball, fast and down the middle, you've got to tell it! And so, it's with his blessings that I tell you this. My Dad was an alcoholic and if you've been in a home with alcohol, you just know it complicates things. I was in my early twenties and was preaching somewhere, in the middle of nowhere. A little-bitty town, nobody was there, very small deal and I was hurting and I was angry at my Dad for some stuff. And so, I did the wrong thing and I disrespected him in a message, I said some things that were unkind about him. I rationalized it out, I was angry, he deserved it. I was in this small town, no one is ever going to know, no one knows him. And I went on with life. Several years went by. Well, the biggest miracle you've ever seen happened. After years and years of praying for my Dad, he was, after listening to one of my messages on cassette tape, he was transformed by Christ. He gave his life to Christ, totally made new, totally different person, overcame years and years of alcoholism through some help in a 12-step program. He became kind of an evangelist to help others know the power of Christ and to overcome the bondage of alcoholism. And one of the steps that you do is, I think in the eighth and ninth step, is you go to the people that you've hurt and you try to make amends. And so, he set up a formal appointment with me and sat down and said, Groesch... that's what my Dad calls me, if you call me Groesch you're either my Dad, or we've been drunk together before I was a Christian! Just if you call me Groesch, that's what it means! He said, Groesch he said, I'm so sorry I hurt you, I'd give anything to make up for it. He went on and on and he teared up and he said, Will you forgive me? And I just broke down, Of course I'll forgive you! And we had this father-son hug moment, and it was just a beautiful of the healing power of Christ. Our relationship's new and restored. Several years go by and somehow he gets a hold of the message where I disrespected him from years earlier. He called me and he was devastated, and rightly so. I can't believe you'd do this to me, why would you do this? And I had kind of forgotten about it and I had to pull it up in my memory. And it was like, in my mind I'm thinking, Well, that was way back and I didn't really mean it, and I was hurting, and there was all of this kind of stuff. And at that moment when he told me, I thought to myself, Well here we go, all of this progress is gone, it's ruined. I wanted to vomit. And so, I did what I'm trying to teach today Biblically, I fell on my sword and I said, Dad, I was so stupid and so immature and I have no excuse whatsoever. I was dead wrong. I've taught, 'Honor your father and your mother' and I believe it and I dishonored you. Will you have mercy and forgive me? He stopped and paused and there's a long silence over the phone and he said, Groesch, the good Lord forgave me and you forgave me, of course I will forgive you. And we prayed together and the next time we saw each other we hugged and we never talked about that and we've been closer on the other side, than we were even before. Because when a bone breaks and it heals, it becomes strongest at the point that it was broken. And I'm telling you today that there are those of you, you've got a broken relationship, and if you will do your part, First go, don't wait! We are going to pray in a moment and guess what? Some of you, you're going to sneak out of church. Just walk on out, just get up, don't even give your offering, just get up and go; come back next week and give your offering then! Just saying! But you're going to go and you're going to do what the Bible says and you're going to own up to your part, your part. And you can't control the response, but you're going to trust God with the other person. And I've been praying all week long that God would take that which is broken and heal it, and it would be stronger than it ever has been before. When you come to church and you realize someone has something against you; first go and be reconciled, then come back and worship God. Father we pray that in your presence your Spirit would do a healing work right now in the name of your Risen Son, Jesus. All of our churches as you're praying, some of you are going to recognize, I've got a relationship that is not where it's supposed to be and I am partially or completely at fault and I want to do what's right, I want to apologize. I want to do my part, I want to believe that God can bring healing. All of our different churches, those of you who would say, That's me, I've got some apologizing to do. I want to apologize with integrity, I want to do my part and believe that God could take something that's broken and make it whole and healed again. If that's you today, all of our churches, would you lift up your hands right now? Just lift them up high, lift them up high and just say, Yes, that's me! There are tons and tons of hands going up! God I thank you for those today who recognize their part. God, I know that it's complicated and there's a lot of if's and then's and buts, and all of this kind of stuff; but God, we just surrender ourselves, we humble ourselves before you honoring your Word. And God, we will love and value the relationship even more than more than we love being right. And God, I pray today that there are those who make the phone call, drive across the state, reach out to someone. God I pray that there would be healing and there would be restoration. I pray God that you would give them the words to say and the heart to express their sorrow, and God that there would be forgiveness. And by faith, God we believe where there is a relationship broken, that it could be healed and stronger than it ever has been before. As you keep praying today, there are many of you, you are going to recognize, You know what? My relationship with God is broken. I'm not walking intimately with God. The heart of the Gospel message is very simply this, God is a relational God and He sent His Son Jesus to reveal the heart of the Father to us. Jesus, who was without sin, became sin for us on the cross. He died for our sins and He rose again and the Bible says: If we confess our sins to a Holy God, He is faithful and just and will forgive us, all of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. There are many of you, if you're really, really honest, at the deepest part of your heart today, you're going to recognize that you're not in a relationship with God. What do you do? It's the very same thing we've talked about today, God, I'm sorry! I'm sorry I've sinned against you, will you forgive me? When you pray that, not only will He forgive you but He will make you new. He remember your sins no more, He fills you with His Spirit, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the grave and you can know Him. That, let's call it what it is, that's why many of you are here today, it is for this moment. You're not right with God and you are ready, God, forgive me, have mercy, I'm sorry I've hurt you and lived against your will. Jesus, would you transform me? I give my life to you! Just like my Dad was changed, just like I've been changed, you can be transformed. All of our churches, those of you who would say, That's me, I'm not right with Him. I'm sorry God, forgive me and make me new! If that's your prayer today, lift up your hands high right now! Now, now, now, now! Lift them up, leave them up if you will! Leave them up, I want to see you. Right back here, both of you here in this section, right back over there, sweetheart, God bless you! All of you right here, praise God for all of you! Right here as well, right back over there, and ma'am, and this section, I want to just look you in the eyes. Praise God for both of you right here, bless you both. Others today, right back over here in this section, and right here, God bless you ma'am, others today who would say, Me too! In this center section, ma'am, right here. Others today, men, come on be a man; own up to it, I've sinned against a Holy God, Jesus save me! Right back there, yes, God bless you! Sir, others of you, Yes, Jesus, take my life! Church Online, you guys click right below me. Everybody praying together, just pray aloud. Pray, Heavenly Father, I am sorry I've sinned against you. Forgive me for my sins, make me new. Jesus, be my Savior, the Lord of my life, fill me with your Spirit so I could follow you for the rest of my life. Thank you for new life, I give you mine. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen. Church get excited, worship God! Tell Him thank you!

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Getting Past Your Past - Week 3 - Craig Groeschel -

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