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Hi, everyone. It's Andrea from your global education team. Last season, you fell in love with the Power Facial. Now, we're taking it to the next level by using the power of the senses to elevate the experience. We're calling it our Power Nap Facial. It's perfect to recharge tired looking skin. Introduce Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm and tie the benefits back to her wishes. When I'm showing her the product for the first time, I like to tell her how it melts from a balm to an oil, and turns to a milky lotion like magic with water. And, you want to tell her it removes all makeup, including eye makeup, and share with her the application tips, like making sure she applies this on dry skin. Show her how to apply a pea-sized amount of product. Invite your customer to experience the relaxing lavender and chamomile scent with three deep breaths. Pamper her by applying the balm with our center-out technique. Remove with pre-soaked cotton rounds. I always share with my customer that Micro Essence is a breakthrough essence and lotion. It may sound like this, Micro Essence Treatment Lotion is a silky, watery lotion that quickly penetrates into skin. It deeply nourishes skin with micronutrients. This incredible formula helps to strengthen skin's moisture barrier as well as provide skin with deep hydration. Over time, skin is transformed, revealing a translucent glow. Next, I show her how to apply two to three drops morning and night by gently pressing into her skin. Cup your hands and gently press the Micro Essence into her skin like this. Introduce our star serum Advance Night Repair, and why women around the world have made it a bestseller. I usually say, Advanced Night Repair is the one product I can't live without. It helps naturally repair every key sign of aging, including damage from the environment during the day and lack of sleep at night. Show her how to apply five drops morning and evening. For a moment of relaxation, invite your customer to experience the scent of chamomile with three breaths. Next, pamper her by applying Advanced Night Repair with our exclusive heart ritual. You've customized her moisturizer. Now, share with her why it is perfect for her. Link the benefits back to her wishes. Show her how to apply a pea-sized amount every morning and night. All of our moisturizers have scents developed specifically for them. Invite your customer to experience the relaxing scent of her perfect moisturizer by breathing in three times. Pamper your customer with a relaxing massage by applying her moisturizer from the center out. For an added touch of luxury, place your hands on your customer's shoulders and press down slightly. To complete the Power Nap Facial, Offer her an eye massage with the Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix. I always share the benefits and tie them back to her skin needs. It may sound something like this. This eye concentrate helps to strengthen and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye area, all with a custom-designed eye applicator. Take a moment to show her the massage applicator and how to apply it. Finish by inviting your customer to close her eyes while you apply the eye concentrate with our signature massage. You have already made the Power Facial such a success at your counters. We know these added touches of sound, sight, smell, and touch, will make your customers feel even more pampered. Start today by practicing with your fellow beauty advisors at your counter. And, as always, log on to ELX for more tips, tricks, and the inside scoop from your Estee team.

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