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Zeus-video blog 08.08.2015

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Zeus:Hello everyone, Danya Zeus here Zeus:The background is different now Zeus:We're bootcamping in Kiev, for 10 days Zeus:For ESL Cologne, also known as "The Major" Zeus:And we are going to work our asses off Zeus:As you may know the whole team was on vacation, it lasted a little more than a week Zeus:Edward was in Chernogorye, Me, seized and ceh9 spent our time in Turkey, and Flamie and GuardiaN did their own things Zeus:We took a break from CS and more importantly each other Zeus:GuardiaN showed me that he has played only 25hrs in 2 weeks Zeus:So I think it's time to get back into this shit About our plans Yesterday we had a meeting with Starix so we could discuss our practice form and schedule Created the main backbone And of course we had an accent on our weak maps Also we will work on our tactics, and of course our individual skill Mixes, dm's aim maps, all of this and more Just to strengthen our individual form We will also have a new coach, he will work with us For now he is just working for Na'Vi and is our friend, but maybe in the near future he will take the coaching position. He and Starix will fly with us to Cologne You don't know this "X" guy yet but it may be revealed soon Starting today we are working on our weak maps We created a whole new system with many little details We also have people on duty now, seized is the first one on it, and then GuardiaN, me etc. So those are our plans Summer is still here, make the most of it guys We're all watching The International, Na'Vi had a bad one there SonneikO said that they will have a vacation and then there will be roster changes No idea what those changes will be Mmm drama Happy for VP, they've shown a very good result Especially I'm happy for DkPhobos, he worked for Na'Vi, created their site and we all know him very well From site creator to millionaire Of course, China dominates almost everyone as always We'll see what's next And will prepare for our own little International AFAIK there will be some surprises for fans, but I can't reveal anthing Valve has something for you It was Danya Zeus, play on out site I will soon record a tutorial on it, link is in the description, peace out!

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Aug 8, 2015

Zeus-video blog 08.08.2015

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