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Adyashanti - Love is Indiscriminate

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global oneness project Love is Indiscriminate Love loves what is, everything. Nothing's left out. It loves people trying to heal the world and it loves people trying to destroy it. Adyashanti San Jose, California Spiritual Teacher Its an indiscriminate lover of what is. That's love. [laughs] I think also as human beings we are often afraid of that. I really love everything and everybody including the people who are destroying everything. The people who are destroying everything are you and me. We always think its someone over there, but its actually our own divided state of consciousness. That's what's destroying everything. When we really see that love is indiscriminate, it doesn't mean its stupid or that its an excuse for everything. To me that's the power of it. It's very easy to be motivated by fear. What I don't want to happen, what I want to correct. That's not very powerful though. We've tried that for centuries and centuries. We come up with a new political system, a new spiritual system, a new philosophy, we could come up with a new philosophy for oneness. Whatever it is, if its motivated by fear, it is still in the old consciousness. When its motivated by love, then it has power. Then we're not so interested in what I'm against. We're interested in what we're for. That's a very different thing. Mahatma Gandhi always used to tell people, "I'm not against the Brittish rule. I'm for Indian rule. I'm for Indian rights. I'm not against anybody." Intellectually, people can go that's interesting, but really its very significant. Its literally a change of consciousness, when all of your consciousness goes to what you are for, which is innately positive. Its not being motivated by fear. When we look at what we're against, its always motivated by fear. So there's this little man in India that inspired, a great quality of inspiring people, and that inspiration was very powerful. Of course he always struggled with fear with the populous because there were always the outbreaks of violence. And he was always trying to tell people, "No. Don't hate. Don't be against. We're for Indian rights. We're for this, we're for that." I think that's just one example. Martin Luther King wasn't against white people, but he was for the rights of African Americans. That carries with it a very different energy, a very different consciousness. On the surface it may not look as powerful because we're not going to battle, we're not yelling, we're not screaming. We're not going to wars with people. Underneath, on the unmanifest level, its infinitely more powerful, exponentially more powerful when our consciousness is what we're for than what we're against.

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