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Taiwan:劉經宇 (CY)

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Are we starting? Can you do a brief introduction? Including your name and where are you from? Hi, everyone. I am CY. I am from Taiwan. Before you joined Youngevity, what kind of jobs did you have? Share with us your background and experience. I have been working as a distributor before I joined Youngevity. I had 20-30 years of experience. My past and my future belong to this field. How did you learn about Youngevity? I entered this company by chance. Nobody is destined to work for one company. Entering Youngevity has been the result of serendipity. My previous company, Baila Vita, was looking for a partner. That's how I learned about Youngevity. Why did Youngevity get your attention? What're the potentials of Youngevity? As we all know, Youngevity is a listed company. It offers a wide range of products. It has infinite potentials in terms of its direction and progress. It is a listed company in the USA but it just entered the Asian market. Its business model has been proven effective in the USA. I believe the same business model will be successful as well in Asia. So you are attracted to its products and stock. Yes. Almost all the American companies fall into two categories. One category is old companies with limited space to enter. Another category is new companies and they treat Asian market as an experiment. They have no presence in the USA. Youngevity is different from them. It is a successful company in the USA. The experience ensures success in the Asian market. Having a strong company as our foundation, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us. You have mentioned that you have been working as a distributor for over 20 years, with your experience, can you tell us why Youngevity is different from other companies? I think, this company is down to earth. It is more connected to the Asian market. Other big companies are irrelevant to us. Youngevity is tightly connected with us. You feel there is a huge chance to be successful. What kind of improvements did you make after joining Youngevity in terms of your life and career? We are in the planning stage. We haven't started yet. This is the deployment phrase. We are hoping to change gears and drive in a new direction after this conference. We hope Youngevity's products will enter the Asian market quickly. Without products, we couldn't make improvements. What are your personal expectations? My expectation is we are building a true Youngevity company. I don't want to just borrow its name but the company still runs in the same old way. I understand. Which aspects of Youngevity do you consider to be most exciting? Its founder, Dr. Wallach, I believe his expertise, his background and his popularity will cause a sensation in Asia. Selling his products will bring huge success for our company. And the company's CEO, Davis, he is determined to expand Youngevity into Asia. We start from zero and built it into a huge company, comparable to the biggest companies in the world. This is our common goal. Wow. Amazing. Last question. If someone wants to join Youngevity or buy from Youngevity, what do you want to tell him? I knew you would ask this question. I have prepared for it. I will tell them the same thing. I want them to know this is a rare opportunity. Big scale listed company from the USA and it just entered the Asian market. This opportunity is very tempting for each one of us. Good. Thank you.

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Posted by: youngevity on Jun 8, 2018

Taiwan:劉經宇 (CY)

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