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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~18:16:07 - 18:31:07

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OK, now it's enough, go! Roma, Ilyas, come here! He's bothering me, he is biting! I have warned you! Let's go, it's time to eat! Shall we go? Come on, it's time for supper! Oh! Come on! ― Let's go Zhanna. ― Shall we go Zhanna? It is time to eat! Why! Ah! They play. I am watching... Are you? Shall we? Zhanna, do you want... Would you like some horse and noodles, Zhanna? ― Or potatoes? ― A little bit... ― I will have a little bit. ― This one? ― Is this a lot? ― A little bit. ― How much? What's that? You said this to Zhanna. Let's all sit, children! Would you like some meat? Andrey, some meat? No. ― Let me help you. ― I don't want meat. Put his plate on the corner. Girls, something fell. Is it not fat? ― Can you remove this! ― Give it to me! Don't eat this. ― Where is my food? ― Wait a sec. No meat for you? ― Aha. ― Can you put here? Everybody, sit down, children! ― Sit on the chair! ― Some bread? Hurry! Shall we eat here together? Why? Here. A bit more. What are you doing, Zhanna? I don't want meat! They said so. ― Do you have? ― Not yet. I told him. You can put it here. Zhanna! Can you take it! Hello! Not at home at the moment. He is not. He left. Is aunt Gulshat at home? She isn't. The eldest you ask? Give me a sec, Aunt Valya! Aunt Valya, can you answer the phone? ― Give it to aunt Valya! ― Alle! Would you... ― So what! ― I don't do it this way! I will eat with the spoon. We can eat with our hands! Do you know, they... will call. Yes. Ok go. ― Aw! ― You... What! It's not all. Would you? I told you already... Natalia! Breaks... I will quickly... Cool... That's it? Wow. Zhanna, that's it... Sashka! What? Would you like some potatoes? A little bit of potatoes? I'll tell Aunt Valya. Do not say anything. Leave it now. I don't want any more. Leave it. Is it your move? Can you catch? Zhanna? Will ye... Oh, what're you doing... Don't touch. I will never. Andrey! I have just eaten everything. I have eaten everything quickly! Quickly. Yes! Right! I'll break him as a straw! Wow, we are cool fighters! Oh shit! Oh shit. This is mine! Oooh - Ghengis-han Is it for Ghengis-han? ― Zhanna, do you play? ― How many are you? Roma... This is for you! Wow, what a hit! Zhanna, come on... A hit! Where? You're not going to touch me? We'll hit you too! Fight! ― Fight! ― Wow! Roma, come on! Leave it! She came to me! Vasya! Oh! Are you crazy? I'm Ghengis-han! Oh! That's the catch... You can't, can you? Argh! Come here, quickly! The second try. What are you doing? - Ah. - Eh. Argh, let me go! Eh. Here! No. Here, here. Crazy, Roma! Argh. Zhanna, fight too! You, you? ― Zhanna, did you fight me? ― Ye-ye-ye! I fought you. Oh, do not hit me! Uh oh! Don't hit me! Roma! Ah, come on... Interfere! Oh. Balalah. Ah. What's going on! Enough! Why? We'll play more. ― We're playing. ― Stop! ― It's enough, enough! ― No! No! ― Here... ― And I? Don't fight! Vasya, try me! Let's have some melon! Wow! Melon! Ah, in a minute! We're eating melon! Melon! Have some melon! And the last knock-out! Now the last! Yes. Here you are. And this too. Only one slice! Two! Have some! Roma! We want some melon. You still have some. That's it. Eat it all. Zhanna! Roma, can I have half? Zhanna! You've annoyed her! ― Give a kiss! ― Haha. Nope. Roma! Let's... Look, I ate a lot! Go and wash yourself. ― Would you like some? ― No, it is for you! Vasya! Yes! Let's!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 125
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 13, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 18:15-18:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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