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5 Mega-Wealth with the L.O.A. ( law of attraction)

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Desteni Presents: Mega-Wealth with L.O.A. -Part Five- To be able to, the essence within it.. have..lots and lots, and lots and lots of money..ok. Now this is the, designed function/purpose of how the 'attraction system operate', within and as..human beings. To create manifest and design, personal unified fields.. taking human beings, out of their allocation points.. within the greater 'unified consciousness field', and placing them, into.. and locking them into allocation points.. 'within your personal' unified consciousness field..ok? and to be able to maintain such 'unified field'.. you within yourself, literally, 'become' the manifestation, of each and every single being.. that is involved, with and as, 'the path' you will be walking.. within this reality, within this world, alright? You become the living manifestation, of your personal unified consciousness field, everything and all that is involved, is.. integrated, amalgamated and infused within and as you 'physically'.. as i've illustrated, with what happens..through the attraction system.. that literally takes 'everything of the human being', absorbs it and takes it through into the hook threads.. into and through the muscle tissue..where you literally now.. are 'structurally' designing yourself as the 'unified field', that you will be taking..personal responsibility for, as you are being and becoming and standing as.. 'the director' of a 'total empire', ok? with lots and lots of money. Now.. Sounds interesting, it sounds..'great fantastic' even doable.. However, what is not the 'Consequence': that manifest, because of and due to this..ok? Let's have a look at consequence.. Consequence that manifest, within and as beings existing as this 'attraction..system' within the principle of 'law of attraction' the Domino Effect: The unified consciousness field within this reality within this existence.. is based, on..and dependent within..'interconnectedness'.. Within that interconnectedness, if one point fall.. Within a..'Part'..of the unified consciousness field.. everything and all, that was connected to that 'part'..also fall. as each part was dependent on each other's existence and survival. Ok, so.. Within this reality within this existence, each human being exists within and as a.. particular specific allocation point..within the unified consciousness field. as i've explained and discussed in the beginning of this interview. Within, and upon that, yes, each one has their 'personal'..unified consciousness field, which is your..personal reality your personal world, your.. personal..'relationships', that formed your total world your total reality.. that is your 'personal unified field', ok? With 'you' existing within the greater, and the total 'unified consciousness field' From the perspective of.. human beings that stand in, great positions of great responsibility.. what happens is they become..a 'total unified field', the total personal unified field.. and as he become, the living manifestation thereof, with and as all that is involved.. literally infused, integrated and amalgamated into and as them.. as i've explained, through and as the 'attraction system': how it operates functions and is designed, within and as human beings. Ok? now.. With..a human being, that was 'not..placed'.. within such a..allocation point, within the unified consciousness field.. of standing as the unified consciousness field, or a unified field..the personal unified field. with everything and all that is involved as..lots of individuals.. that is now, designing and creating and manifesting themselves.. as the unified field as the personal unified field, through creating..or utilizing.. that through the attraction system..what happens is.. an 'imbalance' caused within the greater unified consciousness field. how and why, does that happen? and..what are the consequences thereof? as follows: Let's illustration you. Part six continue. CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 28, 2009

Mega-Wealth with the L.O.A. ( law of attraction)
To be able to in the essence within it have lots and lots and lots and lots of Money, okay?.. in discussion with Sunette Spies from Desteni

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