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capitalism epic fail

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Please, go back to your jobs. If you have not got a job, you are a worthless human being. Consume, consume, consume until we have no planet left to consume. What you need to do is buy things that you don't need. That's the best way to support the economy. Smiling is bad for the economy. Get back inside, and get back to work. That's what you should be doing. Stop putting your head out there. Never mind your lunch hour. The more you work you better. Because when you die you'll regret that you haven't worked more. Capitalism is a wonderful system. OK, a few billion people get nothing. But still, think of all the people that get lots. Don't worry about the fact that the Chinese people have to work for fifty cents a day They're Chinese. Who cares? There's a billion of them... Do you like iPods? I do. I've had four of them. Each of which was replaced at least once by warranty. And about a year ago I bought my iPhone, which just broke and is being replaced by warranty. So in total I've run through about ten iPods and one iPhone in about seven years. And I'll admit that I don't buy cases or treat my iPod like the tender little object that it is because, honestly, I don't have a ton of money, so if it breaks before the warranty is up that's actually better for me financially. Though it is destructive and wasteful from a holistic environmental standpoint. But capitalism requires this cyclical consumption of goods in order to grow an economy. If Apple made an iPod that was dent proof, waterproof, shock resistant, which is technically possible, they would go out of business because even if the iPods only lasted five or ten years, which is conservative, it would completely destroy Apple's business model. They would either be too expensive to make, or too expensive for the customer to buy though still easily possible to build. See, efficiency is the enemy of capitalism. Without using inferior quality parts and designs that break down quickly, Apple wouldn't even be able to sell enough iPods to fund the research and development necessary to make iPods. The obvious goal of any company within capitalism is to increase efficiency in their manufacturing or whatever they do, and this makes sense because who doesn't want to increase efficiency? The problem comes in, at least for capitalism, because machines routinely show their cost efficiency over human labor in almost every sector of every market. Thus in order to gain ultimate efficiency, a company would have to fire as many employees as possible and replace them with machines. But then these employees will no longer be making a salary and can no longer afford to purchase any of the products that the machines make.

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capitalism epic fail

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