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The Professor: An Introduction

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Good evening I'm the Professor Cue generic title sequence ♫Generic music♫ I'm the Professor Which is weird to say in real life... ...'cos normally I type that. This is a new channel Um... To replace my old one, which was rubbish... And- but I've still got links all my old videos So you can still laugh at me But I'm going to be doing a lot more new videos... ...relating to BGIOK– –which I'll tell you about but not now, not in this video— –and Pulpo y Calamar– –which I'll tell you about but not in this video here— But first I just want to introduce myself And tell you you all who I am Whom I am? Who I am? Whom am I am? Who am I? I'll just tell you a bit about myself I currently live in Berkshire I'm a student, studying French and Spanish I'm interested in, um, making cookies Playing the harmonica ♫Last of the Summer Wine on harmonica♫ Strangling people with judo Drinking Earl Grey tea Breaking eggs with laptops Speaking foreign languages Watching Doctor Who And you... With your chan and your tho... ...driving me insane! Chan, Professor, please—! That is not my name! The Professor... was an invention So perfect a disguise that I forgot who I am. Chan, then who are you, tho? I am... ...the Master. *Scream* Watching Doctor Who in French and Spanish That's great! Et vous... ...avec vos chans et vos thos... ...vous me rendez totalement ??? Chan, Professeur, pli— ! Ce n'est pas mon nom ! Le Professeur... C'est une invention Un déguisement si parfait que j'en ai oublié qui j'étais réellement. Chan, qui est vous alors, tho ? Je... présente... ...le Maître ! *Le cri* Laughing at the woman, um, advertising a poncho... the Argos catalogue Oh, I'm sorry it's just your expression! Anyway, um— Making long lists of things Writing books, reading books Writing "blue" in Japanese! Just look at that! Aint that beautiful? Ah wow! Beautiful! Gardening, smiling for no reason Designing things, pretending that it's normal for an 18 year old... To, um, play with a sonic screw driver *Buzz* Won't get in now! Hugs, throwing people with Judo, uh... Tidying my bedroom, drawing octopuses and squids Porridge, pressing buttons I'm bored... what shall I do? Buttons! *Explosion* Scissor Sisters, learning new alphabets Using all 33 hug emoticons on Windows Live Messenger. Running spontaneously, listening to obscure French and Spanish music *Singng in French accent* ♪We live like monsters♪ ♪Like monsters in love...♪ Wondering why I have TWO photos of me that you can see from there... TWO! I feel like it's so vain! I'm gonna take down that top one Wrong hand... The... that... I'm going to take down... That one, there. With me, with my results, because it just looks so big headed! This picture I will keep. This picture is me in a play. Um, I am mostly naked there, and I'm covered in soap suds And I am a demon. In a tub. Anyway. Ooh, ooh! That's another one! Um, Caramelldansen! Dancing to Caramelldansen! Why not? ♫Swedish pop music♫ Yeah... She did it. ♫Swedish pop music♫ So that's me in a nutshell! Which isn't really a very comfortable place to be. More stuff to come in due course very very very soon! *Pop* I'll see you around... Um, this is the Professor saying... Good night... Um, and be kind to your head. ♫Dramatic music♫ *Buzz* Um... *quietly* Morgan, you're really weird...

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Posted by: theprofessor on Jan 20, 2011

Welcome to my NEW channel! Shiney new videos of the Further Adventures of Me coming shortly.

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