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DSF 2015_ Creating an Effective Information Management Strategy

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Hi my name is Joe Shepley, Vice President and Practice Leader at Doculabs. Creating an effective strategy is one of the most difficult challenges for businesses. Whether that's information management strategies the kind of work that we do, or just general business strategy. I think we all know examples, whether companies we worked at, or folks we've heard about, of the strategy to nowhere. Lot of effort, lots of time, lots of money spent building a wonderful strategy that went absolutely nowhere. It didn't get the funding, or maybe it got the funding but was not executable, or the adoption just wasn't there; and all that's left is a pretty graphic on a wall of a roadmap that never got done. So what are the reasons that strategies go to nowhere? One is failure to have top-down support from executives. So if the folks building strategy don't understand what's motivating a large organization, what are the priorities are the large organization, what is it that executives are caring about, supporting, working towards, it's very difficult to make sure your strategy fits and aligns with that and even more importantly is perceived to do so. And without that getting funding and support is very difficult. The second reason why strategies go nowhere is that they're not executable. If it's all well and good to have a great future state vision, to have an amazing place to get your company to in 3, 4, 5 years. But if the steps you're recommending to take to get to that vision are too complex, don't match the organizational capabilities of the company, they're either too complex or here's too many of them given the capacity of the organization to change, and if you haven't taken into account the culture of the organization and how willing they are to try new things, to get on board, to work differently, you can have a wonderful future state vision, it can align perfectly with where the organization is going as a whole but because the steps you outlined, the road map to get there isn't implementable, isn't executable, the strategy will fail. The third reason, and perhaps the most important, why strategies often go nowhere is because there isn't a compelling reason for doing them. You can have a great vision we can all agree that that would be a wonderful place to get to, and you may have a perfectly executable, tangible, doable plan for getting there step-by-step over three, four, five years, but if those results don't line up with what the organization cares about in a win-win way, the strategy is not going to work either. So no matter how much an executive supports it, no matter how doable it is, if what the organization gets at the end of it isn't something that folks care about, or have a compelling reason to change for, that strategy won't work either. Given the importance of this topic we've partnered with the document Strategy forum to design their enterprise content management track at their upcoming conference: May 12th through the 14th in Greenwich, Connecticut. It's going to be a series of panels, and case studies from practitioners and leaders and the content management and information management space. Sharing best practices, worst practices, what works, what doesn't, the challenges and opportunities they face, and where their programs are going in the next five years. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn more from your peers and network with them. We hope to see you there. Silence until end.

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