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Phase 3 pt.15 (Prioritized Poison)

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Phase 3 "Prioritized poisons" You know when I wanted to understand the industrial food system, what I set about doing was very simple. I wanted to trace the source of my food. When you go through the supermarket, what looks like this cornucopia of variety and choice is not. There is an illusion of diversity. There are only a few companies involved and there are only a few crops involved. What really surprised me most as I followed that food back to its source, I kept ending up in the same place, and that was a cornfield in Iowa. So much of our industrial food turns out to be clever rearrangements of corn. We are now engineering our foods. Larry Johnson Center for crops utilization research Iowa state university and engineer new foods that don't stale in the refrigerator, don't develop rancidity. Of course the biggest advance in recent years was high-fructose corn syrup. You know, I would venture to guess if you go and look on the supermarket shelf, I'll bet you 90% of them would contain either a corn or soybean ingredient, and most of the time will contain both. We need to try our best to minimize our purchases of packaged or fast food And focus on healthy alternatives like meat from a local trustworthy butcher, and vegetables and fruits from local farms or organic farmers Cows are not designed by evolution to eat corn. They're designed by evolution to eat grass. And the only reason we feed them corn is because corn is really cheap and corn makes them fat quickly. And when we mess with nature, and the natural ways of life, we will face the "unintended consequences" The animals evolved on consuming grass. There's some research that indicates that a high-corn diet results in E. coli that are acid-resistant. And these would be the more harmful E. coli. A certain mutation occurs and a strain called the "E. coli 0157:h7" appears on the world stage. And it's a product of the diet we're feeding cattle on feedlots and it's a product of feedlot life. The animals stand ankle deep in their manure all day long. So that if one cow has it, the other cows will get it. When they get to the slaughterhouse, their hides are caked with manure. And if the slaughterhouse is slaughtering 400 animals an hour, how do you keep that manure from getting onto those carcasses ? And that's how the manure gets in the meat. Sometimes you look at a vegetable and say: "Okay, we can get two hamburgers over here for the same amount of price." Why is it that you can buy a double-cheeseburger at McDonald's for 99¢, and you can't even get a head of broccoli for 99¢ ? We've skewed our food system to the bad calories and it's not an accident. I mean, the reasons that those calories are cheaper is because those are the ones we're heavily subsidizing. But when you're engineering foods you are pressing our evolutionary buttons. I mean, the fact is we're hardwired to go for three tastes: I mean, the fact is we're hardwired to go for three tastes: salt, I mean, the fact is we're hardwired to go for three tastes: salt, fat I mean, the fact is we're hardwired to go for three tastes: salt, fat and sugar. These things are very rare in nature. The system makes it easy for us to live "by the system" And very hard to follow different ways of life We start to act as the system requires, eat as the system tells us, and afford what the system makes affordable. It pitches the bad as the good, and the good as the bad... And if money remains its driving force Then expect a continuous deteriorating state of humanity The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right ! Greed works ! Greed clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms: greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA. Thank you very much. If you become an employee of this firm, you will make your first million within three years. Okay ? I'm gonna repeat that. You will make a million dollars within three years of your first day of employment at J.T. Marlin. There is no question as to whether or not you'll become a millionaire working here. The only question is how many times over. Now, you all look money hungry, Now, you all look money hungry, and that's good. Anybody tells you money is the root of all evil doesn't have any. They say money can't buy happiness ? Look at the smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby. ou want details? Fine. I drive a Ferrari 355 Cabriolet. What's up ? I have a ridiculous house in the South Fork. I have every toy you could possibly imagine. And best of all, kids, I am liquid. So, now that you know what's possible. Let me tell you what's required. You are required to work your ass off at this firm. And lest we forget, that's the only reason any of you became stockholders in the first place. You want to make money. You don't care if they manufacture wire and cable, fried chicken or grow tangerines! You wanna make money ! I'm the only friend you've got. I'm making you money. Take the money. You should aim to be as successful as you can, at whatever it is you do... But keep your priorities straight We have been influenced to chase worthless paper, which And we've moved away from chasing the true rewards of life Here is the deal. But you can not understand the world today unless and until you recognize that appearance and reality on all things connecting with the Antichrist are opposite to each other. And unless and until you see with the internal eye in addition to the external sight you will be deceived and misguided. You will not be able to understand and interpret the world today. It's our duty to break down the concept of appearance and reality So we can begin to overcome the deceptions of this age It all starts with a choice... A choice to take a deep look in the mirror... A look that will force us to ask: "How can I start improving myself and my world ?" For this age switches the good with the bad And we buy, accept, and embrace Rather than refuse And this applies to every aspect of our life Take the aspect of marriage for example... What does our current pop culture promote: marriage or lust ? All you have to do to understand the truth about this age, is ask yourself the following... Out of all the love scenes that are included in films, sitcoms, music videos, and pop culture.... How many actually involve a married couple ? The solution is looking back at you in that mirror We don't get concerned.

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From food, to careers, to relationship choices, we have been manipulated to chase the appearance and ignore the internal realities. We continue to strengthen this system as we support its poisons. Chapter 3 will delve into solutions and concepts that will inspire us to effectively improve ourselves and our world inshallah

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