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We Want Change: Participatory Video as a Tool for Advocacy

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Insights into Participatory Video amplifying voices connecting worlds inspiring transformation We Want Change! Community Video as a Tool for Advocacy 1. How does it work? After learning the basics of the camera through games and activities, ... ... the community plans and shoots their video messages. These are aimed at specific audiences, often government. Insight has worked all over the world enabling local people to speak out. Here are some short examples. Batwa Indigenous People South west Uganda UNDP 2006 The first thing that I want to say ... ... is that all of our ancestors ... ... were born in the forest. We feel that life was better in the forest. We want the donors to help us to get legal access to the forest. Indonesia Victims of a Corporate Mud Disaster Fight For Their Rights UNDP 2008 On 16 August 2006, the Lapindo mud flooded all our padi fields amounting to over 53 hectares. The government thinks that we are rebels who refuse to sign any agreements accepted by thousands of family. Sierra Leone Communities Affected by Diamond Mining NMJO/CAFOD 2007 This is one of the houses which they demolished. Even now, they still haven't built all the new houses. It has been stressful, not having a proper home. We had good houses near the town, and now we live in this remote place. We are sending this message ... ... to show you what they are doing. And to ask you to fight or us! Oxford Boating Community Fight to Save their Boatyard 2005 We don't know they're going to stand up and defend and protect communities like ours ... ... can't really exist very easily without centers like the boat yard. Tanzania Midwives fight for Parliamentary Supportt WRA 2006 I only have six staff to work three shifts. Yet 35 to 40 women give birth at this hospital every day. One nurse midwife can't divide herself in two to handle all of this at once. It is hard for us to balance all this in one shift. Indonesia Fishing Community Affected by a Corporate mud Disaster Fight for their Rights UNDP GEF 2008 Before the Lapindo mud disaster, we could harvest fish three times a year. Today we can only harvest once a year, and we have to rely on this one harvest. And even this is uncertain. 2. What happens next? Films are screened back to the community, consent is sought, ... ... and the strategy for showing the film is discussed. The intended audience is asked to engage, to respond, to commit to action of the changes in policy. Here are some examples of this process in action. Uganda - Batwa Film Responses of Community Members, Media and Government I can see that in the future we can learn to use video very well ... ... and it will be of much use to us. When it is shown in Kampala, we will benefit from this ... ... because donors will have understood our situation. The government, of which I am one in fact, should take their settlement over the Batwa as a priority. No community should be displaced from their ancestral land for whatever reason. The few Batwa still in the possession of land should be assisted to retain it ... ... by acquiring titles for the same. Participatory video therefore is a very, very useful tool in terms of how it can help us ... ... to articulate the voices of poor people or marginalized people ... ... in their own ways and in their own terms. Tanzania - The Ministry of Health Responds to Midwives Campaign The loss of 578 mothers for every 100,000 live births is very high and not acceptable. I can read the footages quite well, I know what I want, where to put them. It is an experience that I didn't have before. As a person who has been involved in advocacy, I need those because we need evidence ... ... evidence that is really from the people themselves. The midwives' film was distributed to Tanzanian MPs and led to a parliamentary commitment ... ... to double the number of trained midwives in the country. The group have since made and broadcast four more health films ... ... and are working on a half hour TV piece to further their campaign. Oxford Boating Community Use PV to Save their Boatyeard When you actually give the camera to the community, or the subjects of which the film is about, ... ... you get a lot more out of them. They dig deeper. They think. They consider what the questions are, and they think: ... How do I want this to come across? It's a very effective campaigning tool. Without the film, we would have got nowhere. Adrian Arbib, member of the Oxford boating community: ... It's the last service station before you get to the river, when you come down the canal. It is an essential resource for boaters on the Oxford Canal and on the Thames. The film helped the community to win their case in court, ... ... and halt plans to replace their boatyard with a new building development. This could really help our partners, and even teh government of Sierra Leone ... ... to enable them to hear our concerns. We want to make use of this training, and teach others as well ... ... so that they can also learn and be part of this advocacy group. Indonesia Community Screening for Mud Flood Refugees When rallies don't work, we can use video to voice our concerns ... ... and send them to the government and parliament to be heard. Because of the mud, I'm unemployed and have to collect toll money on the road. News cirtical of the company would never be broadcast. Often the news broadcasts are altered and the controversies cut out. If it conflicts with the company's interests, the victim's real story won't be told. Screen this film wherever possible! The community give their consent. This film should be screened all over Indonesia ... ... so that Indonesians will learn the suffering caused by this disaster.

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This video features examples of how Participatory Video has been used by InsightShare for direct advocacy with various communities around the world. It includes examples taken from their capacity building trainings with partners in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Indonesia, UK, and Tanzania.

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