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The Other Woman (2011)

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I'm the new associate, by the way. Amelia Greenleaf. Jack Wolfe. (Amelia, softly) Nice to meet you. I'm married. Is that okay? As long as you don't say that you've never done this before, and you're afraid of hurting your wife. (Jack) I've never done this before, and I'm afraid of hurting my wife. Will, this is Amelia. (Will) Pleased to meet you. (Amelia) Pleased to meet you too. [laughter] To Amelia and Jack, may their marriage be long and fruitful. I'm so happy that you're expecting. Jack! Jack! (Jack) Call 911! ♫ [slow, somber piano music] Why is she dead? I want her back. (man) That's not one of your choices, honey. (female) You need to take an active role in your own grief. (Will) My friend Billy's dad sells things on eBay. We should sell the baby stuff. I really don't want to talk about selling the baby things, okay? (Will) But that's what it's for. Will you shut up! (Jack) Will! Children aren't safe around you, Amelia. I think we've proven that. Stay away from mine. (Amelia) But I'm his step mother. (mother) That's nothing. Less than nothing. ♫ [Josh Ritter - "Change the Time"] (Amelia) I don't think I'm very good for that family. (woman) You're not a terrible person, you're just not used to kids. It takes time. (Amelia) No, you know what it takes? A kid. ♪ I had a dream last night ♪ ♪ I dreamt that I was swimmin' and the stars above ♪ (Will) Dad, Amelia told me to shut up today. ♪ Direction-less, and driftin' somewhere in the dark ♪ (Jack) I love you. I do. It's the people that love you, you're the hardest on. Do you want to skate? ♪ And around me as I swam The drifters who'd gone under, Time Love ♪ ♪ Time love (teacher) The children all drew pictures of of their families. (mother) That is not his family, Jack. (Jack) It is now. ♪ Time love ♪ ♪ Time love ♪ We are not a mistake. ♪ It's only a change of time ♪

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The Other Woman

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