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Jacque Fresco on War - Earth 2.0

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My name is Jacque Fresco. I'm project director of The Venus Project in Venus, Florida. War is a word which was invented when one territorial group of people took away other people's lands. They used force and violence, and war was a media for doing that. You shot other people, stole their women and their resources for your own gain. And nations have been at war ever since Man invented weapons. And as long as you invent weapons, you're going to have war. And war is the means of protecting everything you've stolen from others. No nation starts out very big. They start out smaller and take land away from other people. And they don't take it by invitation. They weren't invited to take over the land. They took it by killing, force and violence. And war is the most inappropriate way of solving the differences. That's why I'm against the Pentagon and the military. Because they majorly should be concerned with how to bridge the differences and bring nations together towards a common purpose namely, taking care of the environment, one another and restoring the damaged environment. That's what I'd like to see in military systems. I would like to see, instead of training millions of soldiers to be killing machines, I'd rather train them in being problem solvers. Send them back to school teach them social science, social things, psychology, sociology so they can add to the culture, not be destructive. Cinematographer/ Editor: Mark Waters Directed by: Frank da Silva We wish to thank: The Zeitgeist Movement UK Team & The Venus Project Design Team Earth2.0 - Coming soon.

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 16 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Producer: Mark Waters
Director: Frank Da Silva
Views: 578
Posted by: ltiofficial on Sep 10, 2010

A short snippet from the film originally captured for the Earth 2.0 movie.

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