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eZ-Xpo - Social Live for Daily Massive Traffic & Leads

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Posted by: ezoom on Mar 18, 2017

eZ-XPO 3.0 is the world's Virtual Expo Network with multiple virtual events with built-in marketing automation as well as online training capabilities for both B2B or B2C organizations. eZ-XPO can host virtual trade show, virtual job fair, and virtual training conference 24/7 and 365 days a year.

eZ-Xpo's Virtual Expo Network can jumpstart your business to reach out customers beyond your local reach with marketing automation to boost qualified leads. The most cost effective virtual trade show technology provider has all in 1 solution suitable for wide range of businesses.
eZ-Xpo's Virtual Expo Network can deliver lead generation tools such Daily Deals for your targeted customers attending the virtual trade show hosted by the powerful virtual trade show platform from integrated with many marketing automation technologies operated with the efficient virtual trade show software. eZ-Xpo is a new game changer that deliver the world's 1st all-in-1 virtual trade show and virtual event marketplace with unlimited virtual expo marketplaces at any single domain name. Organizers can launch unlimited virtual trade shows or virtual events by city, states, country and industry. automatically generate leads and spend qualified leads to virtual trade show exhibitor with built-in marketing automation for maximum ROI of your business.

Virtual trade shows can be easily implemented at LocalPlaceXpo to create a long-term sustainable business relationship with your customers 24/7. Virtual trade show exhibitors can create a lead generation virtual trade show booth in less than 2 minutes under the virtual trade show marketplace:

Here is a list of features and benefits:
1. Daily Deal -- Offering daily deal and discounts for every member. Virtual trade show exhibitors can offer special discounts on their products and services and build a long-term business relationship in their virtual trade show booth.

2. Virtual Expo Showcase -- Offering unlimited virtual expo opportunities for all industries within the marketplace. It is a great complementary solution for all physical trade shows or conferences. Organizers can host virtual expo marketplace on a monthly basis with a specific targeted niche industry (i.e., banking, real estate, insurance, health care etc.). Attendees can engage with each exhibitor both on-demand or live via chat, Google Hangout, Skype, or web conferencing.

3. Empowering your sales force: your marketing and sales teams can listen and respond to community conversations to gain a better understanding of your customers' business needs while at the same time gain access to qualified buyers. Virtual trade show exhibitors can get all qualified leads with contact information instantly from the virtual trade show booth.

4. Automatic Marketing Automation -- Each virtual trade show booth can automatically feed qualified leads from attendees to exhibitor's CRM application (i.e., SalesForce, SugarCRM) and email campaign application (i.e., MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Aweber) for higher marketing ROI.

5. Marketing Intelligence -- Each virtual trade show booth has built-in marketing analytics to track each attendees activities. Exhibitor can easily identify their best qualified prospect based on their visit duration and the actual marketing content they have viewed.

6. Knowledge sharing: Each virtual trade show booth comes with a variety of online resources like discussion forums, product tours for product documentation and how-to videos to help customers find solutions and solve problems. LocalPlaceXpo makes it easy for people to discover and share interesting content with familiar social networking tools such as "likes" and @mentions

7. Social self-service: Providing self-service through peer-to-peer support forums and online FAQs saves you money and it also saves your customers time. Exhibitors can host their FAQs in their virtual booth and only surfaces the most relevant information, delivering your customers the right answers in real-time.

8. Virtual Business Ecosystem through your Private Business Network Marketplace -
Helping every community to build your private virtual business ecosystem with strategic partners and customers. The key difference between the Private Business Network Marketplace from Facebook and Linkedin is that you have total control of the content, and policy administration on the marketplace. With a single universal login, attendees can easily navigate from one marketplace (i.e., Virtual Local Business Expo, Virtual Trade Show, Virtual Job Fair, and Social Learning Marketplace) to other strategic partners' marketplaces.

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