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Creeping EU Totalitarianism

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On 12.12.2007 around 80 MEPs demonstrated in the European Parliament for a REFERENDUM on the Lisbon Treaty ...Strassbourg in December. And since that time under rule 147 of our revered Rules of Procedure you have called before you 13 members of this parliament to face disciplinary action. And it seems to me that this has been done on pretty arbitrary basis. One of the ones you called, Kathy Sinnott from our group, I doubt has ever shouted at anybody in her life. Another one of the members that you called to appear before the headmasters study, an Austrian member, was actualy in Frankfurt on the day so he must have one hell of a voice, mustn't he? And I ask why only 13? There were about 80 of us involved in the so called disturbances. In fact you named me youself in the conference of presidents as being one of the causes of the trouble. So why am I not being punished I'm Spartakus Tomorow 11:30 the Prime ministers will sign a final treaty none of them have read. They sign a bundle of amendments they cannot even understand. Yesterday the Danish parliament refused a referendum on a treaty they have not read. They breach the Danish constitution... All negotiations in the IGC and the linguistic lawyers group have been kept absolutely secret towards many members in this Parliament. First, they undo two referendums rejecting the constitution. Then they negotiate in secret and keep the content under a new name. The Lisbon Treaty will dissolve the existing EU, establish a new state with joint citizenship, legal personality and all tools of nation states. Most laws will be adopted by civil servants in secret. The democratic deficit will grow. My group proposes to cancel the signature until you have finaly read the final text. Later that day, the 'Majority in the House' reacted with name-calling. Here MEPs Martin Schulz, Graham Watson and Daniel Cohn-Bendit defending democracy... When I was a pupil, we were taught in school, that in the Reichstag back in the Weimar Republic, it was a common strategy to hoot down the political opponents. The parliamentary party who had implemented this kind of behaviour, was the party of Adolf Hitler. Today's occurrences have reminded me of that. ... shouting down representatives of Parliament, the Commission and the Council during the signing ceremony was intolerable and must not be tolerated. It brings the worst of the football stadium into Europe’s highest Chamber and recalls the actions of the Communists in the Russian Diet and the National Socialists in the German Reichstag. My formal request, Madam President, is this: my group demands that in future the Presidency use the powers granted to it under our Rules of Procedure to evict from the Chamber Members behaving in that fashion. Colleagues, don't dramatise too much! If you've got 50 people who are idiots in the room you've got 700 that aren't and we shouldn't be getting into a crisis just because there were 50 rather mentally weak people who got into fuss earlier. Lets calm down. Lets calm down. Do not demand physical evicting. I think that a free parliament is a parliament that puts up with mad people even if they are unpleasant. I took part in a peaceful manifestation against a celebration of a Charter which is part of the Constitution we cannot even get the consolidated texts and see the relevance and the meaning and you cannot as well. What you are going to sign tomorrow is a treaty none of you have read simply beacuse it is not possible to read it. You conquer our voting time to celebrate a victory over democracy and therefore I will not attack my colleagues, but I have to say to mister Schulz I did not take part in crying. I understand it entirely, but we have in Denmark a different tradition. So I have... I was there with my T-shirt calling for a referendum. And I think all of us should call for a referendum. This is the democracy nought you are defending. Thank you. When the MEPs began ask for Roll Call Votes and points of Explanation ...the President, Hans-Gert Pöttering, sent a letter to the Constitutional Affairs Committee asking for discretionary powers to control the House arbitrarily ...and the 'Majority in the House' granted him those powers. I rise under Rule 170(4) to make the point that this proposal that we are being asked to vote on gives the President of this Parliament such arbitrary and dictatorial powers that no one, that believes in democracy would ever even consider it. But to be asked for us to vote on it, when the political groups in this Parliament have not even had time to discuss it, surely, surely cannot be right. And so I ask, that this vote is adjourned to the next session in Strasbourg so that people actually get a chance to understand the huge implications of this vote, if it is passed. Could it be, that the reason you have acted in this arbitrary fashion, tearing up the rule of law, is because you are taking out on us the surrogate contempt you feel for the national electorates, who keep voting ‘no’ on the Lisbon Treaty, whenever they are given the opportunity? If I am wrong, prove me wrong by holding the referendums, that you used to support, when you thought you could win them. Put the Treaty of Lisbon to the people. Pactio Olisipiensis censenda est! [The Treaty of Lisbon must be put to the vote] Mr President, an absolute majority is not the same as the rule of law. I accept that there is a minority in this House in favour of a referendum, and that there is a minority in this House against the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. But this House must nonetheless follow its own rule books. And by popular acclamation to discard the rules, under which we operate is indeed an act of arbitrary and despotic rule. It is only my regard for you, Mr President, and my personal affection for you that prevents me from likening it to the Ermächtigungsgesetz of 1933, which was also voted through by a parliamentary majority. I ask this House not to vote on this matter until we have ... [You don't say that!] This comment is intolerable. We are going to take internal sanctions within the group and I am going to ask for Mr Hannan to be excluded from the group. I am surprised we have the front to call this a debate, because the Minister did not tell us any of the substance of the negotiations. But, of course, there is no debate, is there? There is no debate in the national parliaments, no informed opinion in the press, no debate at all - and why? Because this whole Treaty is being put together in secret and that is because you do not want to involve the citizens of Europe. You are fearful that the more they find out about your grandiose plans, the more likely they are to vote ‘no’. And what's worse still is the downright dishonesty with which this whole process is being pursued. For Angela Merkel in a letter to talk about the proposal to use different terminology without changing the legal substance, I mean it's ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ stuff, isn't it? It is the twisting of language. It is the deliberate attempt to stop there being free and fair referendums in European countries. It is your plan to act like a bulldozer: just to sweep aside the French referendum result, the Dutch referendum result, to pursue your political goals without taking the people with you. Well I have no doubt that you think you are going to get away with it, But if you are proud of your European project, if you are true democrats, then you will join me in the call for let the people decide their own future. Don't foist it upon them. Let the people decide! Sign up at

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This is an upgraded version of the follow-up to the manifestations that took place in the European Parliament on 12.12.2007.

1. Scenes from the protest of 12.12.2007 (See earlier protest clip here: )

2. Letter from the President of the European Parliament to the Chairman of the Constitutional Affairs Committee asking for more discretionary powers in the House (dated 17.01.2008).

- Nigel Farage (UK), Co-chair, IND/DEM (30.01.2008) - Speaks about the President's disciplinary action on 13 of the 80 protesting MEPs: "I am Spartacus!"

- Jens-Peter Bonde (Denmark), Co-chair, IND/DEM (12.12.2007) - Earlier in the day on 12.12.2007, before the manifestations; speaks about the signing of the Treaty in Lisbon on 13.12.2007.

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