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Purpose and meaning

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So I'm gonna talk about a model that might help us figure out how it is that we can work it out to create a better world And the model is based on A pyramid And at the top of this pyramid We gonna say are the problems that we are confronting Problems like global warming, war, disparity between rich and poor We have a lot of problems, we know that they are And it's important to remember that these problems arise out of the context And a context that they are arising out of Is out culture And when I say culture I'm really talking about the values, the beliefs. They lead to behaviours, they produce the problem. And one of the issues we face Is we keep trying to solve our problems from the same culture So we get caught in sort of this vicious cycle Because the culture is too vested In its interest to really solve those problems It's why we are so slow to really respond to the whole issue of global warming There's a vested interest in the status quo So if we want to actually change or solve these problems We gotta go one more level down So that level down we are going to call purpose and meaning The purpose and meaning of our lives Purpose and meaning Because culture is really a response to how we define purpose and meaning for our life But we get caught in another vicious cycle here Because we try to answer What gives our life purpose and meaning From the context of the culture And more and more we are finding that The culture does not satisfy us in terms of purpose and meaning So we need to drop one more level down And we are going to call this level “the way things are”, “reality” And what we need to do Is reconnect with the world that we know about We've learned so much in the past fifty years About the nature of the universe, the planet, our relationship to it That we need to update ourselves in terms of that reality And figure out what it tells us is the purpose and meaning of our lives And then we work our way back up So what the new definition and new understanding of purpose and meaning Derived from this reality context What is the culture that really serves that new purpose and meaning And then how does it help us address the problems that we are facing

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Want to help make the world a better place? Here's a model that explains why the place to start is with the meaning and purpose of our lives.

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