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I want to make HKT movie! What should we do? Even if you have a plan, don't call me! Where to get money? So that's your job? Yes. It's a producer's job... [Among that] -Nice to meet you, director! -She acts like we know each other... -Sorry! -Like we've already worked together. I've imitated the tension like we met a couple of times already. Thanks a lot for having us. -Since you've agreed to meet us, this means you agreed for this job. -That's the setting. -I agreed? That's why called you a director. -I've already think of you as our movie director. -Ah, I see... She acts as producer right now. You've filmed a lot of famous stuff, right? Looks like she heard it from someone. -No, no... -For example, "Always"... I saw it, I saw it... She definitely hasn't seen it. You should look in the eyes, when you talk to people! I love movies very much. Sashihara's Rebellion "Sashihara's Rebellion" is a show in which Sashihara Rino works with all kinds of professionals to challenge several projects, while traveling and messing around everywhere. -She wants to make a movie with visual effects. -Visual effects? -Yes! She always says that. Please explain. Well, the director, if possible, is Zakiyama-san. Zakiyama-san is a director. Scriptwriter is Mitani Koki-san. And actors are HKT members and Sakai Masato-san. That's my ideal. The budget should be low. Around $150 000. -And visual effects? -Yes! School drama with visual effects. -School drama with visual effects? -Yes! School VFX. -What kind of visual effects? -Something like dodging from bullets. [In hope of Matrix] The budget is pretty tight... Why only $150 000? Because I have no power to gather money. A Production Committee must be created, right? A movie with $150 000 budget probably won't have much advertising power. It'll get screened unnoticed by masses. -Well, I'll somehow gather the money. -How much? What should we do?.. On the contrary, what was the budget of your latest work? -"The Eternal Zero". -Ah, right. -"The Eternal Zero"... -How much? If we sum everything up, more than $10 millions. Why movie makers always use millions? -It's numeral. -So it also costed millions? If there would be $3 millions, we could go with 100 cuts. -I was also thinking about visual effects at sea. -The cost of visual effects skyrocketed just now... What about river? Doesn't matter if it's a river. -The sea is expensive? -Yes. -Is it? -There were lots of visual effects in "Harry Potter", right? -Yes. - It must be very expensive then? Of course! It's a top class movie. Of course it's expensive. What is the most expensive movie in the world? [Big budget movie] "Avatar"? "Avatar" is also one of the biggest ones. It costed more than $200 millions. -To produce only? -Yes. ["Avatar's" production cost: $237 millions] ["Avatar's" production cost: $237 millions] Well, that to be expected from Hollywood... I want to make a Hollywood-style movie too! Hollywood is not an excuse! -On $150 000?.. -I want to make a Hollywood class movie! -Similar to Hollywood? -Not similar! Hollywood-style! Hollywood-style needs a Hollywood budget. How much money can you collect? -Movies are terrific. -Yeah. -You can't make light of them... [The scale is too big] If there is international market, you could pay employees even with hundreds of millions production cost. -Oh, it's "pay" again! -Pay! -Recoup. Oh, and a recoup, I've learned about recently! It's how much profit you have to make to cover costs, right? If you won't recoup, you can't continue making movies. So recoup is a must. If production cost is $3 millions, you need a Box Office of $12 millions. That's roughly 1.5 million theater-goers. If production cost is $3 millions you need $12 millions Box Office to recoup? -Argh, thinking how to return money right away! -This is basics! -Recoup this recoup that! -I film movies with money in mind. You have to keep recoup in mind, so we need 1.5 million theater-goers... Sorry if this may be rude, but have you ever made a movie that didn't recoup? Like (movie). -Everyone is surprised. -Everyone has jerked just now! Everyone is like "crap!" Don't say those things. Everybody have their ups and downs. Yeah, shit happens. [Sorry about that] -So, can we look forward to our collaboration? -If 3 and 12 millions... Sakai-san is a lead actor and Mitani-san is a scriptwriter. On the contrary, can she gather money on the basis that you might be a director? -Like I said, a script from Mitani-san and consent of Sakai-kun are prerequisites. -Of course! -So that goes first? -That is the main requirement. In that case I have confidence in $12 millions Box Office. -Wow! -It's a school story, right? -Yes. -What kind? A youth drama? When you go "Woah!". A suspense. With blood flying in 3D. [Suspense horror?] -Horror? -Yes, suspense. -$3 millions for horror is a waste of money. -Why? -A revenue of horrors is limited in general. It's a niche genre. -Horror is a bad idea? Isn't is better not to make horror? What genre is the most popular now? Let me think... Sweets! Boy and girl come across each other, shyly fall in love, but one of them dies in the end. -Sweets, I see... Girls' oriented. With terminal illness. -Yes, and death because of it. [Love route] A student falls in love with teacher, but he is reluctant at first, because he is a teacher. And when it seems that it's going to work out because of graduation, the illness spoils their happiness. -I see... -But there are no visual effects! -The moment when they fall in love will be with visual effects. -This will become a hot topic. -Interesting. -Feels like it's going to work out. Is there a member who is good at acting and can create this prohibited love atmosphere with Sakai-san? -Well, some members know a bit about acting. -Just knowing is not enough. I can't really tell that they are good actors looking into your eyes, sorry. And they need to be rather cute so the viewers would empathize. But kids are from Fukuoka. They have this cuteness of country-bumpkins that will make viewers empathize. -Fukuoka's school is a good setting. -Somehow things progress smoothly... -Yeah... -What about dialect? -There is! Words ending with "-chan". -For example, "I love you, teacher". -Oh, "I love you, teacher" could be a title. A straightforward title is good. This could work out. We might even not need $3 millions, as there are no visual effects. -$2 millions for production, so $8 millions Box Office. It'll work out! -Eh, no way! -Why so positive?! -Wow! -So kind! -This project could become a gold mine. -Awesome! $8 millions Box Office to recoup $2 millions... Sakai-san... Can he be replaced by someone else? -Of course... -Those are basics! Without this condition things will progress right away! Isn't this great? If I was to get a big role in "Hanzawa Naoki" drama, would I have a break as an actress? -I don't think so. -Nope. It's not enough? I have to be a leading actress? It's more like there is no spotlight for actresses. It's a sweaty battle between men. I see... Oowada. -You know about him? -Yes. Made a payback and didn't. Betrayed and got betrayed. In the last episode he got betrayed by that guy. -Even though he believed him. -But you haven't watched it, right? -You don't know who is that guy? -Of course not. I am really bad at acting! -Looks good! -$2 millions will do. -You can gather $2 millions. -If Sakai-san will be a teacher in this painful love story where he dies, even I'd invest! I'll film on my own money, because it's a sure hit! If everything pans out, when we can have a meeting? -When can the filming start? -I need to know to arrange the schedules of HKT members. It's better to know in advance. -The real estimation? -Yes. [Adjustment of schedules] -How is your schedule? -When can you start filming? Next year is full. A year after next I am busy too. My schedule will be open in about 3 years... -Is this for real? You're not just jokingly rejecting, but seriously that busy? -I have work, you know. -Holy crap, he's rolling in the dough... Don't say that about Yamazaki Takashi! -Yeah, I am rolling in the dough. -Not good... In 3 years this show will end. Even though it's this show's project. -In 3 years HKT... -They will grow up and it won't be possible to do this school story. It's no good... [Adjustment failure] If you are so busy, then... It's over. -I came here so bluntly not knowing that you are so busy. -It made you a little happy, right? -Yamazaki-san watched my "Hero Yoshihiko". -Is that so? I said that if he makes a "Yoshihiko" movie, I'll make VFX for it, but somehow he isn't making it. I even freed next year's schedule for that. Joking! When Yamazaki-san said this to me I was prepared to flee, didn't understand what's going on. Ah, a conversation between successful comrades is so nice... What are you talking about, you are winner of AKB Elections! -You are the top of the Japan's top idol group! -It's not what I meant. I meant an exchange like -"I want to film it! -Yeah, let's film it quickly!" Ah, so that's what you meant? You want me to tell that I'll film it? I wish I had a busy schedule for 3 next years... That's it, I've given a movie up. You gave up?! [A declaration of retreat] Just think about it calmly! Everyone is probably aware that Sakai-san is impossible to get! Don't make fun of me! I've know it too! I know that it's impossible to get Mitani-san or Yamazaki-san! -I realized that it's impossible. -She snapped. That's it for this project, which took us 3 episodes to film. It's over! I got that it's impossible from the beginning! -Are you resigning? -Yes! [Withdrawal] -You realized that making a movie is harder than making a photo collection? -Yes, I realized it. -Say your goodbyes to staff. -Sorry for disturbing you. Please continue filming awesome movies. I think you'll be busy for the next 3 years. I would be happy to meet you someday. So long. What a dry return... -Goodbye. -Bye! -Ah, "Sea Monkeys"! -It wasn't Yamazaki-san who directed it. What it's hanging here then? [A complete withdrawal] -Impossible is impossible. -Yeah, tough luck. Well, it can't be helped. Yes. After realizing a photo collection project in this show it was a rather pleasant start. And a setback right away on the second project. This show is about realization of projects. I've learned that I shouldn't film movies so carelessly too. -Right! We got a valuable knowledge. You should think about budget from now on. -Yes. -It's been a real lesson for me. -Thank you very much! -It didn't work out... -Let's regroup. [The end] [On a certain day in November] -Hello. -Hello. [On a certain day in November] -We are in a steak house. -Yey! -Today is a steak house. -Super! And you know why? You probably don't realize why. In movie arc... In movie arc where our dreams were scattered. We were always talking in the car between locations. At that time you said you liked grilled meat. And when I asked you what meat you like, you said that it doesn't matter to you. -For me any meat is tasty. -Yeah, that's what you said. That you can't tell apart pork from beef. Yes, everything is yummy to me. It's not like I try to guess the sort of meat, I just the tastiness overwhelms me! -In a positive way. -Well yeah, you can call it positive. [Evidence] -I can't tell the difference between meat. -But you should. I can tell if it's chicken meat, but pork or beef are difficult. They are all tasty. It's not like I am puzzled about the taste, everything tastes awesome to me! -"Wow, so tasty! Was it pork or beef?" -Something like that. Since I look happy eating, I think the cook is also happy. So everyone is happy. I may be soft on directing, but I am strict about meat. -I won't forgive those who say, that anything is tasty. -Sorry! So on this show's meeting I said that I'd like to let you know the taste of the really delicious grilled meat. And when it was proposed, that we go to a steak house then, I agreed. -You know, I go to steak houses quite often! -Yeah, I though so, but I am no stranger to grilled meat too... Is it OK to show this face to fans? Yes. This Is Anago from "Sazae-san". [That being said...] [Grilled meat rebellion] This steak house is called "Yonezawaya". It's my favourite, so I go here frequently. -I see... -Here you'll know the real tastiness of tongue. -I know! -I bet you've never eaten tongue that tasty. -The other time... Wait! Aoi-chan, please show her Yonezawaya's tongue! [Tongue] -There it is! -Eh?! A whole thing? -Now this is a tongue! -In it's pristine state! -Yes, this is a real tongue. -I can already imagine the taste! -By the way, Kojima Haruna came here once too. -Is that so? -I think she doesn't understand taste too, though. -I suspect she doesn't. She was looking at the cloud today and said "Is this Mt. Fuji?". "No, it's just a cloud" I answered. -Wow, this is awesome! -And this is how intestines look. Beautiful! -Usually they don't come in such shape. -Awesome! -This is what I call meat! -Ge Ge Ge! -It should be "Je Je Je!" -No, I am trying to popularize my "Ge Ge Ge!" version of "Amachan's" exclamation. The meat is sliced in pieces of this size, because this way the meat remains juicy. I want to it faster! -Do you want to it? -Yes! -Do you? -Yes! -Please start then. -Yey, so happy! -Let's start with tongue then? -Yep. -Please grill the tongue first. -Roger. -I am so hungry... But before that! [An important talk] -I am somehow reluctant to talk... -Well, the grilling takes some time... -But we need a full episode of talk. -Impossible! -Right? Because they always cut our conversations out. -Cut out in a blink of an eye. -Right, 80% of our conversations are cut out. In a chat in my iPhone "Dentsu" staff writes a super long list of banned scenes. Aren't we strict?.. -"Cut out scenes with Abiru". ["Dentsu" producer Abiru: Sorry] -Why?! You're running away! Don't! ["Dentsu" producer Abiru: Sorry] It becomes a battle between "East's" director Nakano and "Dentsu's" producer Mutou. -Mutou: "Cut out this scene!" -Nakano: "I'll leave a bit". -Mutou: "No, cut the whole thing!" -You're running away! -It's their usual conversations. -I see... Since our conversations are mostly cut out, today, Sashihara-san, -we have a surprise guest! -Eh, who?! [Special guest] -Who is it? Who would I be happy about?.. -I think you'll be happy to see this guest. I'll be happy... "Morning Musume"? -Close! -Close?! "Berryz Koubou"? -Close! -"℃-ute"! -This guest has a huge connection with you. -No way! [On a phone: Please come in] -It's show time! -"Hello! Project"? This guest is awesome! With this guest we may make 3 episodes! -Are you serious? -Absolutely. The mood will be lightened up. [The entry of a super big guest in a moment!] -I think I saw... -The big guest arrived. Big guest! [Since Sashihara makes weird faces out of habit,] [she probably won't stop even if she's told to] The big guest arrived. Big guest! We're filming... Sorry, but we're filming here... -Filming? -Listen here... It's Aoki-san! [Aoki Hiroyuki, Editor-in-Chief of "Koubunsha" publishing, who helped Sasshi with her photo collection ] -Look at her face. -Please make it at least 1 mm happy. Not even 1 mm? Sashihara-san, please listen... A lot of things have changed for Aoki-san since the beginning of "Sashihara's Rebellion". Please put on a microphone. No need for mic... Let him speak in a voice of a stage actor. [A cold reception...] Something Aoki-san related pissed me off recently... There was a live show after AKB's Draft Meeting, which was broadcasted by NOTTV. I appeared in it for about 3 minutes. There was a comic duo Hamahan and... Aoki-san, like he is some kind of celebrity! -I was a commentator. -He was a commentator. He acted like he is a performer! -It lasted for 6.5 hours! -He was trying to make an impression with smart comments. -I thought he's changed. -No, not at all. There was a "upsetMilky" incident... [upsetMilky incident] Even though he had to do the 16 person Rock-paper-scissors Senbatsu cover, he put 1 person on the cover, so he's getting super flamed. -You've really suffered. -Yeah, I'm a little upsetMilky. "UpsetMilky" my ass! What are you saying, geez? After the flame about Rock-paper-scissors cover and upsetMilky incident there was an "Aoki-san's support thread" made. -On 2channel? -Yes. -Really?! "A support thread for currently upsetMilky Aoki". -Is this true?! -It had about 49 comments. -And then stopped? - Yes. -Ah, not much. -But the fact that he got a thread is amazing! -Agree! Aoi-tan and Aoki-tan. His name is Aoi-tan. I love this name. There is Motomura Aoi-tan in HKT. He is big wig in "Koubunsha", but also an idol fan. I'd say I am an AKB supporter. -The other day he send me "I have only one favourite member left - Sasshi" via LINE. -Huh? Look what I am wearing today. "Sashihara love". That's why you have problems with wife. [Meat grilling] -Is this a tongue? -Yes. -Looks good. You won't be able to eat other tongues after you taste this one. Another special guest... -Arrived? -Yes. [2nd special guest] I think you'll like this guest. Really? I don't expect much, because I've already waited for "Berryz Koubou" and look who came... -Honestly speaking, I am happy myself about this guest. -Really? -I anticipated this meeting. -Is it a man or a woman? -A woman! -Who could it be? -I think she'll liven up the mood. -Am I close to her? -I have no idea about your internal affairs. -Internal affairs?! -Yes, but it's not Kojiharu. There is no way Kojiharu-san would come to this show. -I think you'll be happy seeing this guest. -I am not expecting much anymore. I think she'll make viewers happy too. Fukuda-san!

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08 ran

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