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Doomsday (2008)

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(male voice) This is the end of the world! (narrator) It was an epidemic, unlike any other... Within days, millions were infected... Within weeks, they were forced together... (woman's voice) Containment is our absolute priority.... Blockade all bridges, streets and rail links... (narrator) And then left to die.... [silence] (narrator) But 25 years after the outbreak, (male voice) It's the virus....It's back. (narrator) Containment has failed. What the hell are we going to do? (gravely voiced male)What I am about to show you is highly confidential. Survivors? Outside the heart zone. And if there are survivors, there must be a cure. (old male voice) And you're going out there? If there is such a thing as hell on earth, that's it. (woman) I know what we're looking for. If it's there, I'll find it. Take us in. (narrator) Now, .... Once you're over that wall, there's no system, no rules, no backup. (narrator) find a cure... (woman) We're against the clock on this one. (narrator)...they must return to the world.... ...they left behind. How the hell are we supposed to find anything in this mess? I'll know when I see it. (proclaimer's voice) This is our city! We're gonna catch 'em, cook 'em and eat 'em! (narrator) From Rogue Pictures How dare they send you here? They started this fire - they can burn in it! (narrator)...and the director of the Descent... She looks dangerous. She is. (narrator)..this spring... We losing our city. it's pretty grim, and it's going to get a whole lot worse. (narrator)... a new darkage... Have you found a cure? Abandon any such hope. No. (narrator)...will dawn. Nice color. I'll take it. (woman) Hold on. Too close. Ya think? [war cry by an unseen warrrior] Rough life. [car alarm chirp] Rough enough. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Dec 28, 2010

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