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Why you like using the Library

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I asked students and staff... why they like using... the University of Canterbury libraries. I come to the Physical Sciences Library... (or "the Physle") because there's always someone here... to help you out with those tricky questions you can't quite do yourself. All the things that I need... in the textbooks and on the computers. A good collection of journals and... nice place to work. Because Library is a really good... environment for studying and I can... concentrate for my work in the library. It's always quiet... and it's easy to study in here. You can always get some work done. The Physical Sciences Library's... a great place to come and knuckle down... and do some work... and there's always a friendly face. I am a regular at the Macmillan Brown Library. It's nice and quiet... and there's not many people around. It specialises in books... on subjects that I'm studying. I also like the staff in Macmillan Brown. They seem to know you personally... rather than as just another face. The resources that's available for me... specially for my studies. I can use the books, the reference freely... and I can use the computers. Because I study in Pacific Health... so it's easier for me to find the relevant articles. Bit of a fan of the Law Library. I just like cruising up here... because it's nice and quiet... and good place to come and study The staff are really friendly and really helpful. Any time you need anything, you're never... sort of too embarrassed or afraid... to go up and ask for their help. I love the staff... and I love the fact that it's quiet... and I can study. Well the last few weeks I've been... getting here early in the morning... and I really enjoy that time. It's nice and quiet. I really enjoy getting... really good assistance from the librarians. They have been so helpful. All the staff are really very friendly... and they're very helpful. There are good books for free. It's pretty easy to find what you're looking for... like on the computer system and stuff. I like coming to the library... to use the computers... and it's really handy for research. I think the library is quite efficient... with very nice staff and so when I come... I always get help on what I need. It's nice and warm. The library has one of the most... comprehensive catalogues in New Zealand. I'm studying English... so I go to the story section. In the future I hope I can read all... of the stories in this library. The response of the librarians to my requests. I get my books on my porch fairly quickly... and that's a really useful thing for me. I coming to the library to take... any information I want to read about it. So the library is the source of information. I like that everything we need is in one place. I like the coziness of this area. I really like the study rooms. I like that all the resources we need... are really easy to access and easy to find. It's a good place to come and... study with friends. It's really warm. The resources here are really great. Yeah, helps you study. It's much warmer and quieter than my flat. The library's a quiet place to study. It's pretty cool. You can always find somewhere... private to study... or there's plenty of space... to work as a group. It's warm and dry and there's free internet. They've got all the resources... that I don't have at home. I can spend hours on the computer... and it's nice and quiet and no-one's around... and it's great!

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We asked students and staff why they like using the library - these are their answers.

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