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TOLERANCE LOST VOLUME 1 by Dr Andrew Moulden

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Tolerance Lost Volume 1 "The Problem" This DVD has been designed to describe, in physiology, across multiple areas of medicine, how the brain and the body has been damaged by the processes that lead to we now consider a type of stroke in the body, when small end blood vessels are temporarily and sometimes permanently blocked off when the blood starts to sludge. Blood will sludge in small blood vessels as a consequence of many things including infectious diseases including changes in viruses, and some vaccines that you may receive and more particularly some of the heavy metals specifically aluminum in vaccines is very contributory to the things that we will discuss in these videos. The slide behind me here right now, this is basically the big problem in the world that we have. We are trying to control across the planet infectious diseases. And by doing so, we realize as physicians and public health care practitioners that the only way you can control an infectious disease in the population is to get something that we call "herd immunity". And "herd immunity" is a concept that means if you have 100 cows on a farm and you want to control an infectious disease in that cattle, the only way you'll do that with vaccination is if you get 95% of that cattle on that farm immunized. So infectious disease control, using vaccinations will only work to protect the herd if you get 95% of that herd immunized. So, the only way that vaccines will work as a public health mesure, is that they need a very high degree of uptake. And we say that, generally meaning, you need 95% uptake. Meaning that population as a whole, you must get 95% of the population immunized with a particular virus or bacteria or vaccination in order to ensure, the rest of the herd will benefit from the herd immunity. Now, that means we have a mandatory, universal, one size fits all vaccination program that is put in place to try to achieve herd immunity. But at the expense of considering us all to be able to handle the same biologically active injections in our body. And that, unfortunately, as you will see in these videos, is not always the case. So right here, basically is a young baby, and this is who we are trying to protect on this planet, with the vaccines when we are currently deploying them. The pharmaceutical industry, there are various corporations involved in promoting the vaccination programs And this becoming industry ended up itself, so much so that the vaccines, and creating new vaccines, has become such a lucrative market that, to a certain extent, in many respects, the desire to find new products to give to people of populations from vaccinations has exceeded the rationale for genuine need for many of the products out there on the market these days. And this also is contributing to the problem we now consider, with too many vaccines, too soon, for individuals with no real appreciation of who can handle what, when and why. This next slide here basically depicts the story and the situation we are right in. This is shackles on an individual's feet. In many places, especially in the US, many states have mandatory vaccination laws. In fact in some areas, parents are actually being charged with child abuse for refusing to have their children vaccinated for legitimate concerns. Now, when the State mandates that each individual must have a vaccination in order to participate in a society this is the State imposing its will upon the individual and, as you will find out here, some of the information that they based their concerns upon is based on trying to achieve herd immunity. But also, unfortunately, the scientific evidence demonstrates that these vaccines, as we're currently deploying them, are actually quite harmful in many respects, to many individuals across the board. And without that knowledge, we have unfortunately as a society, and with good intentions, caused the greatest harm to mankind in the history - of recorded history. And this is what we will see. Background Training My background is in the slide here. Very briefly, how I rided to the point where I currently am at now, to discuss issues on the brain and behaviour, in biology and medicine. My undergraduate training was a bachelor's degree in biological psychology. I went on and did a master's degree in child development. And I did a thesis in looking at language development in children. From there I went on to a PhD in clinical neuropsychology. Did a subspecialization during that PhD in cognitive neuroscience, looking at how the brain thinks, processes, stores, and retrieves information. As part of that training as well, my PhD thesis was in neurophysiology, electrophysiology, which is looking at electrical recordings from the surface of the skull, and figure out where activities are happening within the brain that generates those. And in my PhD comprehensive exams was an acquired brain injuries and postconcussion syndrome. Now, that wasn't really enough for my training at that point, because I still realized even after that training in doing my clinical work in clinical neuropsychology that I still could not make sense of the brain and behavioural disorders I was seeing. I decided to go back to undergrad and take a medical degree in McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. From there, my training was primarily devoted to trying to understand and explain why do we get ill? Why do we become sick? And that was my sole purpose for going to medical school. From there, I went on to residency training in psychiatry, and neuropsychiatry, and did most of my clerckship in residency, training electives in neurology. and then, lo and behold, I came into the clinical world for the first time, armed with all this knowledge. And there I began seeing right before my very eyes! With the eclectic training that I had received, I could now see, with my own eyes, children, and adults exhibiting the equivalent of strokes in the neurogical exams I was now able to do, and I recognized that these neurological problems that I was seeing can only come from damage to the small end blood vessels going to the brain, and there is reasons for that. With that knowledge, I also began to recognize that I was seeing these damages that were not there before an individual was vaccinated and showing up shortly thereafter, and these individuals and children were having various problems with losing their language and becoming withdrawn, and exhibiting stereotypical behaviours, and basically receiving a diagnosis of autism down the road. It became: A goes to B, B goes to C... and then a whole mechanism of injury emerged over that period of the last several years which is where we are, right now. Someone has to be wrong So, how is this happening in the body? Because you have to be able to establish proof of causation for the Federal Secret Court to appreciate that there is a problem; and if there is a problem in terms of the vaccines... We have a polarized society. You have one group that says there is no problem at all; some experts say our children can handle ten thousand vaccines by the time they're 5 years of age, because they're all killed, attenuated or weakened. And many say you can't even handle one. So we do have a plethora of ill and damaged children. Autism has risen exponentially; learning disabilities have risen exponentially. Sudden Infant Death is a prevalent concern in society. Asperger syndrome... Pervasive developmental disabilities... And now with the new Gardasil vaccine out there, we have over 20 deaths in these healthy teen girls, and over 12,000 adverse reactions. Somebody has to be wrong here. We must be missing the boat somewhere. It's not all coincidental. This is anecdotal evidence but what I'm going to show you over the period of these DVDs that you will see is you will see for yourself for the very first time how these vaccines have been causing damages, why they are actually causing damages for everybody, to a varying degree, and what we need to do to prevent these damages from ocurring in the future. White blood cells roll along inside blood vessel walls. Red blood cells are smaller than white blood cells. Hyperstimulation of the non-specific immune system, by foreign substances (like vaccines), causes many white blood cells to roll along vessel walls. Too many white blood cells can impair blood flow, causing ischemia. Hyperstimulated white blood cells can block smaller red blood cell access to tiny capillaries causing impaired oxygen delivery. White blood cell rolling inside blood vessel. And now, with the knowledge that you'll receive from the videos you will observe, and then you understand what's been going on, we now have rational means to go out and try and recover those who have been harmed in very profound and subtle ways from this one size fits all universal vaccination program that we've put across the globe. Dr Bernard Rimland, Autism pioneer : 1928-2006 OK, he's going to bring the camera on the audience ... I hope! (laugh) And, please, if you are the parent of an autistic child, please stand up. If your child is one of those who became autistic after receiving a vaccination, and you believe, you're confident, that it was the vaccine that caused your child's autism please raise your hand. If you can document with videotapes, photographs, or whatever, that your child was normal and became autistic after the vaccine Wave your arms OK Did you get that? Let's hope we get that on CBS! (laughs) Thank you very much CBS never aired this footage... Three Historical Figures This slide shows 3 historical figures that are important. Right here is Christopher Columbus. Interesting, it happened historically that when you come up with new theories or things that go against the popular notions, or the Green, or the Zeitgeist the sign of the times, you're usually frowned upon and you're looked at as a bit kind of crazy, and you are ostracized from the larger population who thinks a certain way. Well, Columbus really thought the World was round and, although laughed at and scorned, eventually society came round to the point of actually saying OK, the world is round and let's move on! These vaccine issues of being safe or unsafe, it's going to fall in the same boat and to a certain extent, myself and many other people, I am sure many parents feel this way kind of like sailing with Christopher Columbus in this time in History, because we see a serious problem with how the vaccination programs are currently being implemented, and with the damages we're seeing in these children. However the system that actually implements these and puts the vaccines on us doesn't see this problem. So, we have to go around the world and come back and say : "Look, Ladies and Gentlemen, there is your evidence, the world is round. The vaccines are unsafe" and, we'll achieve that. And these DVDs will help you be able to express what you now know to others. And in time, the world will say: Vaccines are unsafe, we made a mistake back then, and move on! The individual in the middle here, Dr Rudolf Virchow, very very critical. Dr Virchow is credited historically in medicine for discovering pulmonary embolism. Clots are formed in a part of the leg, they go up and go to a lung, and cause some damage here. But Dr Virchow was very prominent in his perspective of damage in blood flow and the blood vessels of the body. And clotting is critical to much human disease, as it turns out, and in specifically to this entire epidemic of neurodevelopmental disorders as a function of vaccinations. Dr Virchow can best be understood in terms of a triangle that he actually used to describe 3 points of 3 critical processes than can lead to damage to the blood supply, or the blood vessels, leading to clotting or the fancy word in medecine we use for that : coagulation. And one of those is alterations in normal blood flow, we call this in medicine stasis. It's the classic version of if you're sitting on a plane for too long by example, and the vessels to the back of the legs are blocked off, your blood flow does not flow through those legs, you can get clot from in there, until you get off the plane and the clot breaks off and goes to the lung and you have a pulmonary embolism. Stasis can be in large vessels like the big vessels in the leg. It can be in medium to large vessels like the carotid arteries up here in the neck. Or it can be the tiniest, tiniest vessels, microscopic that we cannot see or appreciate. In fact, all of us, everybody, everyday, many times in the day, if not every time during the day, for every second of the day your body is constantly having these small, microvessels, tiny blood clots in many vessel territories in your body. But your body has means by which to deal with these things to keep the blood flow smooth, and we call that laminar. And continuously going, it will turn off this blood clotting processes. But, it does happen, and stasis, or interference with the forward progression of blood flow, is one of the contributing factors that can lead to damage in the body, and we call that clotting. And when at least clotting is blocking the blood supply and oxygen, we call a lack of oxygen to tissue ischemia, and to the brain we call it a stroke, when there is not enough oxygen there. And you can have a stroke to any organ in your body. A heart attack, by blocked blood vessel to the heart, that's a stroke to the heart. Into the bow, you can have strokes to the blood supply to the large intestine, and small intestine. We call that, another fancy word, mesenteric, ischemia. Ischemia is lack of oxygen to tissue. You can have it to the kidneys, to the liver, to the skin. You can have it in any way, anywhere, in your body, where body parts are dependant upon blood flow. And every body part requires blood flow and oxygenation as a condition of maintaining life and doing functions that maintains health and wellness. Stasis is important. The other part of Virchow's triad, injuries to the inside lining of the blood vessels, we call that the vascular endothelium. Vascular is a fancy word, it means blood vessel, and endothelium is a fancy word we use to describe the cells that line all the inside of blood vessels. Because blood vessels are not one solid tube. They're made up of individual cells, nice and tightly together like this. And they all come together side by side, and form a complete conduit through which the blood products and the fluid within which the blood products flow all get transported through as it goes through the body. But injuries to the inside lining of those blood vessel walls, we call that endothelial damage, or damage to the vascular endothelium, and when that's damaged, that can also lead to clotting, or coagulation. Finally, the last part, or the 3rd part of the triad that Virchow described for contributing factors for clotting in the blood and blood vessels leading to ischemia, and other illnesses is alterations in the constitution of the blood. We call this hypercoagula. So, hyper, too much, clotting in the body causes a hypercoagulable state. Many things can put you in a hypercoagulable state. By example, birth control pills in girls can lead to hypercoagulable states. Smoking can lead to a hypercoagulable state. Cancer leads to a hypercoagulable state. And various anomalies in terms of the factors that are involved in the normal clotting and coagulation pathways in the body can also lead to problems leading to hypercoagulable states. Many of these things, we call them fancy words like Protein C, Protein S, Antithrombin, Von Willebrand factor, these are all factors that are involved in either triggering clotting or participating in clotting, or in some respects, participating in turning clotting off. So these 3 areas are critical to the clotting process. The clotting process in coagulation is the simple explanation, and we'll see exactly why. I'll show you all the evidence for it, and the clinical skills, as well as in looking to see for yourself, as we show you the videos of live recordings of blood flowing through vessels, as well as showing you it getting sludged up! Not forward flowing in everything from rats to gerbils, to salamanders, to cats, dogs, to humans! And you will see that this problem is across the board and there are multiple triggers to it. And there's one key area that we will get you to understand how this is happening, and how simple it is. We can actually change our environment, lifestyle, and likelyhood of going down this hypercoagulable state, blood sludging, and autism spectrum, whether from vaccinations or other contributing factors in the environment. Sir Isaac Newton, the last individual on the slide. I think Newton holds a very prominent piece in the history of science. More specifically, his contribution to this area is not really recognized today in contemporary's medicine. I think Newton, beyond describing the laws of thermodynamics and his other contributions to science, he basically has his name attached to the whole area of fluid aflow, which we call Non-Newtonian Fluid Dynamics. Non-Newtonian Fluid Dynamics describes the way certain solutions flow. Like the blood, which does not follow the classic rules for how fluids flow based on its thickness, and we call that viscosity. So, Sir Isaac Newton's contribution here, and how he fits into this whole puzzle of the autism problem we have today, and the vaccine damage we have today, is basically the models and the mathematics behind which we actually chart, and predict, as best as we can, what will flow through what and what will not. Rolling cells and ischemia OK, so now here we have to see what happens inside the blood vessels when the immune system gets stimulated. This series of slides here is showing blood flow. You see the little white dots in each of the slides. Those are actually white blood cells. The white blood cells are actually physically bigger than the smaller red blood cells which carry oxygen. So flowing through the fluid (plasma), which is the "water" (electrically charged), are things like red blood cells which carry oxygen, white blood cells which respond to the immune system and to foreign things in the body, and the tiniest cells in there, the platelets, which participate in the first wave to go and create the first steps towards clots being formed if there is damage to the inside lining of the blood vessels. These white cells here, when they get stimulated by kind of sniffing out for material, either inside the walls of the blood vessels, along the linings of the blood vessel walls, or along the endothelium, (sniffing out for) viruses, bacteria, damaged tissue, heavy metals, toxines, pathogens, fungus or parasites that are outside the blood supply and the tissue, then these white blood cells, which are normally flowing smoothly along the inside of the blood vessel walls, when they come to an area, called to that area because of inflammation or damaged tissue, they stick there and roll along the inside blood vessel wall lining as you see here. And as they're doing that, the blood vessel endothelium kind of sprouts up its own little velcro that helps participate to grab on to the white blood cells as they roll to the area. And they can slow down to stop. Now the critical point here is that the forward rolling of the white blood cells along the inside blood vessel walls is propelled entirely by the force of the blood pressure and the blood flow through the area. So a problem can emerge that if you decrease the blood flow through small blood vessels, then this rolling function of the white blood cells on the inside lining of the blood vessel walls can become stagnant. They will not have the pressure behind them to keep them rolling forward, and you get kind of like a traffic jam, which can contribute to some of the problems we see with autism from vaccinations. This slide here is basically where I first came across, coming out of medical school, the patients I was seeing, and went back to the medical litterature, and tried to make sense of what I was seeing in terms of the facial structures, and the facial asymmetries that only could be caused by stroke. In the medical histories of the patients I was seeing, I had a few schizophrenia patients. I have several autistic children, and a few children who had these neurological damages I saw on the facial structures becoming asymmetrical, and only being explainable by strokes. I went back to litterature and tried to figure out what's going on here and how is this happening? And sure enough, that all led to my writing a manuscript back in 2001, which is up here, right here. The picture you see on the manuscript here... The manuscript was called "A Microvascular Hypoxia (low oxygen) Account for Neurodevelopmental Disorders & Psychosis". Because those were the patients I was seeing. I submitted that manuscript to the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario, out of concern for public safety. I was quite concerned that what I was seeing is that we may be not be doing things completely right at this point in history. Fresh out of medical school, basically I did what I thought I should do. Bring something I have concerns to not only the immediate supervisors that I had at the time, because I was a junior in the ranks of medecine, but I had all this backgound training before getting there - in brain and behavioral disorders. So I did my due diligence, but unfortunately, like Christopher Columbus, you're scorned at because "that is such a crazy notion, Dr Moulden," I heard, that "you think that schizophrenia, or autism, and vaccines are dangerous and they're causing strokes?" So I wrote it all and gave it to them. Unfortunately they weren't very receptive of it. And back in 2001, "the sign of the times" back then was not even looking as we are today of this problem we now see truly...

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Dr. Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD proudly announces the DVD release of “Tolerance Lost” What do we do when Medical science catches up to public health practices? This 3 DVD series proves, in medical physiology and clinical sciences, with new and old diagnostic technologies, that ALL vaccinations cause immediate and delayed, acute and chronic, permanent and transient, disease and disorders that cut across all organ systems.Tissue damages are a result of impaired blood flow and blood 'sludging" in the microscopic vessels throughout the circulatory system. Autism, ADHD, Sudden infant death, Gardasil, Gulf war syndrome, specific learning disabilities, seizures and more.

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