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Diana Discusses Over A Decade Of Career Development At Dell Taiwan

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Our People | Diana Yang, Dell Taiwan My career path at Dell, I started as a program manager ten years ago. Within the ten years, I grow my career to Director of Procurement, Marketing, Quality and also Program Management. And also, across product lines from notebook, tablet to server. I'd say I'm very lucky that I can get the opportunity to work for different functions and even different product lines. In Dell, every year the manager would talk to us about our career plan I really appreciate the company and also the management team's support employee's career plan and also help us to grow and give us the coaching. As a female working in the high-tech industry, we can actually contribute more because we have not just a tough skill, but also soft skills and also we can contribute more in the charity things. And in Dell, we have the women's organization we call Wise: Women In Search of Excellence. Wise organization helps every female employee to grow. We provide different classes and we also invite internal, external and executives to share their successful stories. To share how do they manage their life and work, how do they educate their kids, how do they become a successful woman to take care of both. How do I balance my work and life? I will say Dell gives us the flexible working hours and also remote working opportunities. This gives me the chance to manage my personal things and also work, so I can work from home if I have to, and like my team members, if they have to bring their to the US in summertime they can work from the US. So, this kind of flexibility gives us the opportunity to take care of family and also work, perfectly. Dell is really a great place to help us to build our career.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Mar 24, 2015

Diana Discusses Over A Decade Of Career Development At Dell Taiwan

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