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Shark tank video La Wisshh Bag

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The Wisshh Bag represents my whole life, the present, and I hope the future. Every story tells something about us. Marih Marzari was born in Turkey, and came up with the idea for his product during a difficult moment in his life. Let's see if the sharks are able to get all its nuances. Hello investors! -Hello! I am Merih Marzari, and I am here to show you the Wisshh Bag, the bag of wishes. I offer you 10% of my new company for 10,000 euros. 10% for 10,000 euros. Exactly. What I would like to show you today is a unique product. The Wisshh Bag's purpose is to find an alternative solution to the conventional hand luggage. The idea came to my mind during a business trip to Milan in 2012 watching a lady who was walking with a paper shopper in her hand: the more she walked, the more the bag tore apart. Until it cracked open, dropping all clothes to the ground. Then, last year coming back from a weekend trip to Barcelona, with my family, right in front of me I saw an Italian couple with their hand luggage, approaching the luggage measuring scale of the airline desk. They could not squeeze the luggage in by a hair's breadth. In that moment, I said: "If you ask me it's time to reinvent the hand luggage". The Wisshh Bag was born to offer extra space when needed. Being made of soft materials, not only does the Wisshh Bag grant you an optimized internal volume, almost without wastes, even when there are small measurement devices, being soft it passes easily any luggage measurement test. Did you travel a lot? Last year, which was average for the last six years, I took 170 flights in 2014. For business or leisure? -Business! What's your job? In my first life, I used to dream of becoming a professional basketball player. In my second life, I devoted myself to the tourism industry. In 2001 I founded my company, because I work with foreign countries, so, to answer your question, I work for companies in the industrial sector trying to nurture them. I understand that you are looking for 10,000 euros, is it correct? Yes! Why? 10,000 euros... because this is a company that today I want to develop it with you. Of course, if we met in six months when the company will be hopefully bigger maybe I would ask for 100,000 euros. But look, money is important for me yet not as important as the added value that you could give me. Because the real problem is not to do business in general, but to do it in Italy. I am here because I want to learn from you how to do business in Italy. Why do you want to do it in Italy? Fabio. My heart is in Italy. My family, my partner, my daughter Giulia they all live in Italy, in Brescia. With you, I would like to demonstrate that in Italy it can still be done. If we want. Where are you from? Well, it depends... I think I was born in Turkey, I grew up between Naples, Rome and Istanbul. I studied in the United States. How old are you? Does this depend on something too? I don't believe so... I was born in 1970, I guess... As I told you, in the first part of my life, I can talk about it today, but it had been a nightmare for so many years... Maybe even now. Sorry. It is something I should have told twenty years ago, but for the safety of my family I never divulged it. Apparently, when I was a kid, I had a pleasant life. And yet, there was something wrong, the relationship with my family has always been a bit peculiar. To this day, I know neither where I was born, nor when... Because my mother managed to give me - I cannot disclose any other detail - different identities, with different names and surnames, and birth dates, because she was working for the Turkish government and I happened to realize that my name was not Merih Marzari, but Merih Kilic and I asked my friends who used to have access to classified information and they told me: "Look, you are not their son. Your mother is in truth your foster parent". I gathered all information and when I talked about it with my mother she told me: "These things you should not see them". She ripped up everything and threw it away. I had to quit my career as a basketball player, and without documents I could not work. I had no identity, no passport, and no documents. I had a diplomatic passport, but it was taken away as well. So I found myself from being to the point of becoming a basketball player to being locked in my apartment. This situation lasted many years. Until I finally had the chance to have a temporary document and I started to work in resorts. When my mother died in 2001, I had to go to Italy, because I was working abroad and my sister, who now lives in the United States asked me to stay in Italy for a while and at that moment my third life began. So, to answer your question... Does it depend? Well, it does depend. I do not want to be influenced by what you said before, meaning the human side, because if I consider that I give you 100,000 euros, not 10,000. But if you want an opinion, you must be ready to take it even if it's negative. If I judge it from an aesthetic point of view, I must say I don't like it. To you, I give a 10. The product however I can't vote for it. For this reason, I renounce this business. Vigorelli was one of the investors I was counting on. Exactly because the product can be improved and he is the number one in Italy. I hoped that she would see the Wisshh Bag as a product with great potential. Communication and marketing grant you a very important leverage nowadays and I would have liked to have him on board. As a matter of fact, listening to your story, listening to all the troubles you overcame and the way you believe in your project, I'd say you are wasted in a business like this. I believe you can do more, much more. For this reason, I'm out. Thanks! I don't really see the point of your product, but I was struck by your personality. I don't understand the 10,000 euros, I mean... I got the concept, but I would not be and added value if I tried to make an offer. I am out, but only because of this, since, for that matter, I must say I really appreciated the story you told us. I find it beautiful, very pragmatical, and above all, I find that it expresses precisely you and your story. Thanks! I feel I am very close to you, because I am the foster father of a child. And he had the same... let's say psychological troubles you had. Thus I understand you well. You proved to be mature when you came here to ask for 10,000 euros. I am in! Thanks! If you want, I'd add 10,000 euros for another 10% we would be at 20%... I did not expect Bonetti to be interested in accepting my offer. Or even making one. But in truth I was hoping for it. You would get 20,000 euros from the two of us for a 20% stake or you can get 10,000 euros from him for a 10% stake. I believe there is strength in numbers so I accept both offers in this project, many thanks. Merih decides to close the deal and gain from the experience of two renowned professionals in the field. They made the right choice! I find it so cool. Ask your son, I think he would love it. If you go to Miami, everyone has a Wisshh Bag, it's unbelievable! Right now my fourth life begins. Thanks!

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Wisshh bag

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