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Cristopher Columbus

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Cristopher Columbus was born in Genoa on October 31st, 1451. At that time, the people of Europe only knew about the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. Columbus spent much of his life sailing. He also read astronomy, geography and history. He was inspired by the writings of Marco Polo and his tales of adventure in the East. From the lands in the East came species, which were greatly desired in Europe and difficult to obtain. Such species were expensive in Europe, so an Asia trade route to the East would have immense value. For this reason, Columbus planned to sail west around the world in order to reach lands to the East, which were called the Indies. Columbus believed that the discovering of such a route would make him rich. There were different opinions on the size of the Earth and the distance of such a voyage. Columbus believed that the world was small and that the journey to the Indies was possible. He approached the leaders of several nations to get foundings for his voyage waste and was repeteadly denied. Voices told the leaders that the journey was too long and that the Earth was much larger than Columbus stated. Columbus approached the King and Queen of Spain repeteadly. They were reluctant but eventually agreed to help Cristopher Columbus. The hope that he could find New Lands and convert the inhabitants to the Catholic religion So, on August 3rd, 1492 Cristopher Columbus sailed off and went on a journey from Palos, Spain. He sailed with a crew of roughly a hundred men and three small ships: the NiƱa, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. On his way, Columbus stopped by the Canary Islands, there they had a ship prepared and restocked with provisions. On September 6th, 1492, he left the Canary Islands and sailed west into the unknown. As they sailed further and further out the darkness and emptiness overtook his crew. And the crew were more afraid. They wanna desperately to turn back. Cristopher Columbus remained resolute and unafraid and he did his best to comfort his men as they sailed day after day into nothingness. Eventually, they spotted land and on October 12th, 1492, they landed on an island in the New World of the American continent. There, Columbus met a group of Natives who lived on the island. Since Columbus believed that he had landed in the Indies, he called the people there "Indians". Columbus eager of being friend of the Indians, wrote in his notebook: Columbus then travelled to other nearby islands and eventually returned to Spain. He would journey to the New World four times in all but he always believed that he had sailed to the Indies, in Asia. It was another explorer who realized that the land was not the Indies at all, but an undiscovered new land. That man was Amerigo Vespucci, for whom the New World would be named. As with many great discoveries, Columbus found a New World by accident. Through scourge and persistance, he followed his desires and discovered a new world, rather than a mere trade route. Columbus's journeys continued to inspire other explorers as much as Marco Polo had inspired him. In time, these explorers and their voyages would unite the entire world.

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