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Orwellien Quebec

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Here it's the same thing. In Quebec you speak French! It's French! Do you speak French!?? Do you Speak French!?? Your F'king British! Your F'king British!! Your not Japanese....your not Chinese your British!! We have to act right now against bilingualism! Protect the French language! Promote French everyday! Quebec is a French province and proud! Long live French and Quebec in French!! Should we encourage Quebecers to accept their own culture, or to assimilate into Canada? Assimilate!! If we go in their country we would have to adapt to them , so they should adapt to us. If we give them an inch they take a foot, if we give them a foot they take a yard. Woahh it's enough! The mission of the Office of the French Language is to protect proudly our identity, our landscape, our streets and our commercial centers. That reflect the unique character of Quebec society. This is the Charter of the French language that states this. We are here to serve you. You Asians are full of shit You don't even understand my language! I can insult you as much as I like, you don't even understand! F you man, you are not even Chinese you are not even Japanese! I will stay Quebecois f you! In French! In French! In French! Revenue Quebec! In French!!! There is no compromise! One common language and that is French! That 50% of them that went to the same school as our children chose English college is not good news. It's devastating. We have to remedy this situation. That 50% of those that we accept in Quebec, use English in their everyday life is not good news Not for us not for them! (Crowd member shouts out) : It's scornful! Exactly!'s scornful and sad for THEM Maria Mourani is a perfect example that when we are perfectly integrated (in french), we have a better chance of being happy. So if we want the people we accept here to have the best chances to be happy it is our duty to integrate them. And to tell them the truth.... Quebec is NOT MULTI CULTURAL! What are you filming? What are you filming? Get the f out. Get the f out. Drive on it! Drive on it!

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Duration: 6 minutes and 3 seconds
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: English
Views: 4,037
Posted by: putbacktheflag on Aug 13, 2013

When the government empowers it's own people to discriminate, it is only natural they will follow.

Please like and share to expose the extremists that threaten Quebec's future. We ALL deserve better.

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