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So Many Blessings! (CC)

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How is everybody today? [Good] You're very good? Is that because we're celebrating Reformation today? [Uh-huh] I knew that's why you were all very good and happy today. Because we SHOULD be happy when we celebrate the Reformation. Because it's a very special day because it gives us an opportunity to look back on the blessings that God has given us in the past. And to remind ourselves to stay faithful to Him in the future. Because when we look back we see that God has done all kinds of amazing things for us. Can you tell me one amazing thing that God has done for us? Irene? [He's given us food, home and a shelter for us to live in] He's given us food, shelter and a home to live in. A tremendous blessing, isn't it? [William] [Jesus died on the cross] That Jesus died on the cross and He saved us from our sins. Suzette? [He gave us undeserved love] And He gave us undeserved love. That's right! Because we were sinners, and we didn't deserve to have Jesus come and die for us. We didn't deserve for God to bless us every day with an abundance of food and a nice home to live in. So many blessings that God has given us in the past. But the greatest blessing He gives us is that He has given us His Word. And He continues to have His Word taught among us. We hear that Word in school. We hear It in Sunday School, church, and we're reminded today of the many people who have taught that Word in its truth and purity. Many people throughout the years have proclaimed all of the good things that God has done for us. And in The Purple Bag we're gonna have a reminder to help us to remember one of those men. Who would like to look in The Purple Bag this morning? Let's let Brenden ... 'cause he's way in the back. Let's let Brenden ... 'cause he's way in the back. [Children and Pastor watch as Brenden searches The Purple Bag contents] Know what that is, Brenden? [Nooo] No? Wanna hold it up and show everybody else ... maybe somebody else can help Brenden know what that is? William? [Magnets] It is magnets. Magnets of what? Irene? [That thing over there] That thing right over there. Yes. You are very observant. So now we know it's a thing. What kind of thing is it? Yes, Angela. [Luther's seal] It's Luther's seal. It was Martin Luther's seal that he made to show his faith and to show it was the center of his life. Brenden, can you take one of those and hand 'em over here and we'll pass 'em out to everybody while Pastor talks about them so everybody can see them? So then you'll see one big thing in the center of Luther's seal. What's in the center of Luther's seal? What's that in the center of Luther's seal? Brenden? [A cross] A cross is in the center of Luther's seal. And that was to remind Luther that Jesus was the center of his life. The center of his ... that's right. The cross is right there. And what is the cross inside of? Suzette? [Flower] A heart. First of all, it's in a heart ... to show that Jesus was the One who governed Luther's heart and one is a flower. A white flower. To remind him of the purity of God's Word. So whenever Luther looked at this, he was reminded of what was most important in his life. What was to be the center of his life. And that was Jesus Christ. And that's why you have a magnet today to take home to put someplace where you can look at it and remind yourself that who is at the center of your life? Who is at the center of your life, Irene? [Jesus] Jesus is at the center of your life. And we can ... [Did you give Irene one?] Irene has one. Pastor's fast. [Giggles] So, we see that Jesus is at the center of our life. He has been there for all of our life in the past. He will be there in the future and we pray that all of us will remain faithful to Him through His Word. So you guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in our Hymn-of-the-Day.

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The children talk of the amazing blessings God has given to us and find something in The Purple Bag that leads them to learn the meaning of Martin Luther's seal. To contact Pastor Dave:

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