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Intense Debate Plugins

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These days, the content of your average blog is more than just plain old text, so here at Intense Debate we thought "why should comments be any different?" Introducing Intense Debate Plugins A whole bunch of new ways to ignite the conversation on your blog So, if what you have to say could use a bit of spicing up throw in some smilies from the new built-in palette If you want to share a video right from the comments check out the built in YouTube capabilities for those moments when someone else says it even better than you could yourself But then, if you want to get up-close and personal with teamed up with Seesmic to bring you the goods You don't even need to have an account - record your message and rock up video conversations as easily as you'd write FIRST, PWNED or LOL or, take the debate to the next level with a ready-to-roll PollDaddy poll so you can throw in some questions for the other folks right from the comments Head to Intense Debate Activate the features you want to use and they'll be live in your blog quicker than you can say "My that was impressively fast". Then, whenever anyone wants to use them, it's as simple as clicking the icon of their choice and letting rip But that's just the start - we're opening up our code to welcome enthusiasts and developers to take commenting wherever you want to go with it If that floats your boat, check out the plugin resources we've put together at So there's four new ways to get the conversation started on your blog, and that's just the start of it Intense Debate plugins - a bunch more ways to value your voices

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Posted by: wordpresstv on Mar 30, 2009

Intense Debate is a blogging plugin that enhances how people comment and interact with each other on your blog - be it WordPress or another platform. Now, with Intense Debate Plugins you can also add rich media to your blogs' comments. Here's a quick intro.

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