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Should I go find a friend? Could you maybe find Chris? Here's Chris. This is Chris. -I am Chris. You have to get new friends. Hi! Thanks for last time. Hi. We were wondering if you were already on a Russ bus. Sana wants to join the bus meeting. We have an advantage, because we bought a lot of toilet paper. Toilet paper rolls are a waste of time. What should we do, then? Do we know any 97' guys? You guys have to hook up with them. What are you doing? Good morning. Did you sleep well? No. I had a nightmare. About what? I dreamed that you wore red clothes. You were completely drunk and sang: "Tonight it's allowed to be a whore." Really funny. It's you who said I should get a friend. Yeah. -Yeah. So what's the problem? The problem is that you don't understand Russ time is a capitalistic.. You know Sana said I should dump you. She said that. Yes. You couldn't manage without me for one minute. You couldn't, could you? You couldn't.. Eva? Hi! -Hi! So good to see you! It's certainly good to see you, too. Did you get here now? -Yes. I got an earlier flight. Were you sleeping? -No, no! Should we get breakfast? Yes, we can. Are you hungry? -Yes, I'm really hungry. <i>[Hey friend. I saw a history test lying on the</i> <i>table here with a 3 minus. Is it recent?]</i> I have to talk to you. I don't know what you think, but do you feel like Sana fits in our bus group? Maybe she's a bit strict. She asked you to break up with your boyfriend! But do you agree that she can't join our bus? I talked to Chris.. Hey! Sana was wondering something. How many rolls of toilet paper do you have? Do you want to get rid of them or not? Eight pallets. -Hello! You said you didn't know anyone from '97? I didn't. He's in a bus with William. -Is he?! Who's William? -You don't know who William is? No. He's the most handsome and coolest guy in all of third year. That is William. Do you follow Chris on Instagram? No. Do it. -Why should I? So you can get to know him. I have a boyfriend. It's becoming a problem. You don't have to hook up with him. Just get to know him so we can party on the bus with William. You can say that that is why you're doing it. Yeah, because he will respect and accept that.. Yes! So follow him. -Give me your phone. Do you know what he's called on Insta? That's enough. When he sends you a message, reply flirtatiously. Why would he send a message? Just reply flirtatiously to his message, okay? I have to go. Bye! -Bye! She resembles the lady from "åndenes makt". -I know. She's completely raw. Who is Julian Dahl on Insta? Don't know. He stalks me. Should we go to yours? -No, we'll go to yours. Eva doesn't want to tell her mom we're together. -Why? She's embarrassed of me. I don't want her to meet you when you're lying in my bed. Okay.. Then invite me home for dinner together with your mom. Huh? -Huh? Invite me to have dinner with your mom. Yeah, I'll invite you to dinner. When? <i>[Haha! Terrible stalker, be careful, I'm standing outside your house.]</i> Yeah.. Today, tomorrow, on Friday, or next month? <i>[Haha! Freaky. Now I'm actually a little scared. And turned on.]</i> Hello? Friday. Yeah.. Friday. Who are you texting with? Vilde. The Russ bus boss. Russ bus boss? You're not on a bus. She is, and it's really messed up. Stop saying that. You said that yourself last week. Yeah, maybe I changed my mind. Yeah, maybe you did. Okay. Guess who's invited to party with the Penetrators guys? Are you for real, Eva? Check it out. -William will come.. That's so great, Eva! Oh my god, you arranged this for us. "Penetrator party at Borkis' on Friday." "Can you bring some friends? Are they hot?" Yes! Relax. Try to be cool. We have to get alcohol! -Yeah, I'll ring the beer man. Someone else? What's wrong with the beer man? Are you looking at me? Do I look like I drink? I don't drink either. What an awesome gang. I can take some wine from my mom. -Can you? Can we share? I can pay if you want. I can't take any from my mom. Her wine is so expensive. So she puts it.. Stop talking. You talk too much. Excuse me? Seriously? She can't be in our bus group. She's completely psycho. Beer man. Yes please. We'd like some beer for four girls. And hundred boys! Do we have to pay? We have a friend here who's called Vilde, if she maybe can flash? So we don't need to pay in cash. Or maybe we can get Noora to do it. No, we don't do that. Are you in prison? Fuck. What are they doing here? Hi! Wasn't it them who threw her out of the bus group? Wasn't it them who called you a slut? Don't go. I'll either get assaulted by Chris, or killed by those girls. Okay. I won't leave you. His goal was to get a girl pregnant, but then he found another solution. You're kidding! Is that why you're called the Penetrators? William asked me if I wanted to go outside with him. I think we'll hook up. -Fucking hell! Go for it, you little slut! Little slut? Yeah, she's really slutty! No, no! I'm slutty too. Hello! Just talk about politics with him or something! Hello. Hi. Are they like your crew? My crew? Are you on a Russ bus with them? No, I'm not on a Russ bus. I'm not going to be a Russ. -Okay? I just think Russ time is really lame. Great, why? Because Russ time capitalistic and governed by market forces. Great. You're a bit brainy. I like it. I think it's a little hot. You think it's hot? Drama! I have to go. What's up?

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