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It's Time to Change: War

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It's Time to Change : War And We Have a Plan Brian Kim You may fool all the people some of the time, and can even some of them all the time, But can NEVER fool all of the people all the time. - Abraham Lincoln - - Soldiers learn to kill. They have machine guns, cannons, rockets, and all your parks have cannons, war tanks. That wouldn't be in any park in The Venus Project. You show war planes shooting down other planes. They got all this games where they're killing each other. How do you expect people to be sane? That's the supreme failure of nations to understand how to solve problems. We don't have to kill other people. We can invite all nations in and share all the Earth's resources. There's more than enough to take care of everybody. They can all live very well. So, armies and navies are not to protect people. They're there to protect an established system. Every establish system works in a similar manner. It takes the young sisters. "Hey what's the greatest country in the world?" The answer is: "I haven't the slightest idea." "This country. This is the greatest country in the world. And God's on our side." Every country does that. And so, you got a bunch of pinheads all over the world responding to this mechanism of control. If you had a free society, you couldn't get people to go to war. If you had an intelligent type of upbringing amongst children. They would say: "There must be many other ways of solving problems,” other than killing people. If people are happy, nothing can drag them into war. - Osho - If you took the profit out of war, there would be no war. What the hell do you think war is? You think we go to another country to bring democracy? We go there 'cause there's oil, resources or something we need. Zeitgeist Movement Portugal Beyond Poverty, Politics and War

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Posted by: pound on Oct 2, 2010

Great peice of work!!

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