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Interview to Nalia Arbona

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Hello! Today I'm so glad to introduce you Natalia Arbona. She's a valencian writter and she has been nominated in several awards and is known internationally. Welcome, Nalia, to the channel. How are you? Fine, thank you. And you? I'm great. Anxious to know a little bit more about your careeer. Tell us about how do you begin writting. I started not like my other parthners. Not writting since I was kid. No, no. When I was younger, my psicologist recommended me writing in a notebook and how I feel in a difficult moment. And I think that introduced me in this literary world. How it feels to have been nominated in several awards like Cervantes Prize? It was great! It was flattery but, being honest, I prefer that readers say me how they feel reading my books or how much they liked it than a simple prize. Yes! And why do you think you always stay in the verge of winning? Oh my gosh! I think they want me to win and they, after, regret. Yes. No, just kidding. I think I don't, I'm not a international writter. I mean, the readers who want read my books they need to be prepared to be uncomfortabe, reflect about all things… I mean, my books is not for all people. And that makes the jury don't like it. Ithink it, yeah. That's a good reflection. Which situations have inspired you the most? I would say that are not situations, But people arround me Who most are my grandpa and his way about living the life and no matter who will die someday. My cousin Anna and how she reflects about things, my sister and her efford and constant fight to get what she want. How emotional. Which is your favourite genre in literature? If I choose only one I'll say black nobel, yeah. Have you tought about publishing a book recently? Yes. And which would be the plot? It would be biography about difficult moments I had to live as my secondatry school, my ex-boyfriend the first of somethings. Yeah. I can't wait to read that book. And thank you so much for being here today with us. It's been a pleasure. I think we all learned a lot in this interview. And... Good luck in your new projects. See you soon Nàlia. See you soon. Goodbye!

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