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Find out what is your uniqueness that you already possessed. Use that uniqueness to serve others that will lead you to discover.... SUCCESS HAPPINESS PROSPERITY That made lot of sense! Now I begin to wonder what uniqueness do I have? What is your uniqueness that you already possess? I started to think about this good friend of mine. He is larger than life. I think he has lot to teach all of us. Because he is exploiting his uniqueness to grow his successful practice. Let's meet him! Hello!! We are here with Dr. Torsten Stein. And my good friend, Brandon. OK who is this tall gentleman? World Tallest Chiropractor Yes! He is the World Tallest Chiropractor! He is actually 7 foot and 2 inches tall. I have few questions to ask Dr. Stein. Do you believe in the importance of using one's uniqueness to serve others? In Dr. Stein's case, people will always remember who he is. Also, they will not forget his business. That's interesting! I also learned that most of the time Dr. Stein treats patients locally in Phoenix, Arizona. But some patients traveled to here from Germany! How were you able to do that? Dr. Stein advertises his business on Internet. His towering height is a marketing tool. Most importantly, he knows how to adjust people's back. I applaud Dr. Stein's ability to market his business at such distance! He has his own personal network. No wonder! I found a picture of you playing hoops with Michael Jordan. What's the story? Yes I had a chance to play with Michael Jordan back early in the days. Where was that? In Germany. That's interesting! I'm wondering if you think our body is an asset? Oh yeah! Now I have a last question before he leaves the office. If we are playing one on one in game of basketball... ....who will win?? Me?!? I'm shocked! I'm shocked!!

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Posted by: kevdasilva on Oct 6, 2009


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