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单打: 色情刋物与自慰: 性快感能量?

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Porn and Masturbation: Part One 29/Marzo/2009 - Presented by Jack Hi there, this is Jack and we're going to discuss Masturbation and the intricacies of the Design of Masturbation in relation to the Mind Consciousness System. Meaning what is the actual nature of Masturbation through the utilization of pictures in the Mind. (And) What impact it has on self and one's world and what consequence it has on the being that is portrayed within the picture within ones Mind that is used to initiate the experience or expression of Masturbation. Alright... let's start with Porn: Now, pornography that is one of the facilities that is utilized to initiate the experience and drive for and of Masturbation understand that, the beings that are in the photographs or the pictures within the pornographic websites, magazines or videos whenever one use that(/such) picture, that photograph of that being, that is portrayed within the picture or photograph, and...youre using, basically that being to initiate the experience and drive for and of Masturbation. And within yourself, what happens is: You manifest an energetic-connection to(/with) that being - because, understand, what exist within and as self as the Mind Consciousness system and also as the Physical this existence in its entirety both the World System and both the Physical Reality. So, within yourself as that being you're creating an energetic sexual connection. And understand that whatever is being pictured or imagined within your Mind with regards to that being that is in the picture or photograph is exactly the same as actually doing the physical-act thereof. So, in essence, whatever you are imagining or picturing of that being you're doing in actuality because its an actual physical-experience whatever is done within your Mind, is equal to doing it as an actual real physical-act. Therefore, in essence whatever is being done to that being in your Mind to initiate the experience of Masturbating you're doing it without their permission - From a certain perspective, it is like energetically raping them and understand that, the more intense the energetic-expression is while Masturbating to that picture of that being and creating an imaginary fantasy the more extensive the energetic-imprint of that entire experience is manifested within that being and also within yourself. Now, understand that, within the principle that this Unified Consciousness Field-World System is based, which is Like Attracts Like what you are creating or manifesting for that being because of that energetic-imprint that has occurred is is her(/he) experiencing that very energetic experience you've imprinted onto her(/him) which is the energetic-experience you experienced while Masturbating And what happens is, you kind of fill that being with that energetic-charge and that being will then within their world and reality "live it out". Meaning without them even knowing it they will be directed by this energetically-charged experience that they will belie... that they will believe is "of themselves" and be driven to certain experiences/situations of which they have no control. When all the while, that energetic-charge, that energetic-experience has got nothing to do with them, they didn't create it. It is the being that Masturbated of or with them in their Mind and filled them and charged them with that energetic-charge the being that Masturbated, experienced. And this is how, beings that Masturbate with photographs and pictures of other beings in their Mind are directly influencing those very beings' lives. And not only that – but you filling yourself with such an energetic-charge according to the imaginary-fantasy you’ve created of that being in your Mind and the intensity of the Masturbation experience – you will in turn attract certain beings into your reality, into your world and within that attraction at the same time attract very specific particular experiences into your reality that seem random – but actually is self-created- because you literally charged yourself with an energetic-experience, with an energetic-energy – now that energetic-charge/energetic-energy experience needs to discharge. And that happens through attracting beings into your reality, that is equal and one to that energetic-charge and then within that to really discharge it in its entirety – is to go through an experience/situation or event. Wherein, for example...dependent on the nature of the fantasy or what it is that you utilized to initiate the drive for masturbation... for example, let’s say the nature of the fantasy or the imagination was, ‘brutal’ in nature – that brutality turns you on... I’ll discuss in the next interview the continuation of this point. Thank You. CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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